Review: Le Petit Society’s 100% GOTS organic swaddles

When Robyn, the boss-lady of Le Petit Society (LPS) dropped me a note to ask if we’d like to review their latest product offering, we said yes pretty much immediately. We are already (paying) customers of LPS and have always been a fan of their clothing so it was a no-brainer saying yes.

We had the opportunity to try LPS’s new muslin swaddles when Robyn and her crew came by to film the twins. The swaddles are made from 100% GOTS*-certified organic cotton which are chemical-free and especially suited for babies with allergies and/or sensitive skin. The prints are made from dyes that are formaldehyde-free.


With Elliott and the twins, we used the usual swaddles that you find on the market. Even though they were soft to begin with, they will usually end up being rough with each wash. I got a couple of hand-me-downs for the twins and even though they were in good condition, they weren’t soft to the touch despite us using baby-safe laundry. Also, despite being “muslin”, I had to stop swaddling the twins because it was too hot to do so in our sweltering heat.

Before the shoot, I was a tad apprehensive because we all know working with babies (and animals) is challenging. Also, I wasn’t how they’d react to the swaddles since I haven’t swaddled them for a while. However, as you can see in this video, it turned out to be a very pleasant experience for the 2 little ones. Check out that sweet smile on Edith’s face after she was nicely swaddled. That was a lovely surprise.

These swaddles feel very different from the usual ones. They are extremely soft to the touch, and a lot lighter. I find it easier to swaddle the babies as the material is light and slightly stretchy. See how expert I look in the video above? πŸ˜‰

I can also see how they are more suited for our (crazy hot) weather. I have to confess that since we were given the 4 new swaddles, I’ve pretty much ditched using the old ones. Each swaddle measures 120 cm by 120 cm, similar in size to the ones currently on the market. Being made of lightweight cotton also means that these swaddles dry pretty quickly!


Even when not using them as swaddles, I use them as day blankets to cover their legs when they nap in their rockers, or when we take them out to the nearby park in the stroller.


I think they’d make a good nursing cover too, if you ever find yourself having to nurse in public and without a cover.


Special deal:

Le Petit Society is offering a 10% discount off for all readers of miss ene and the boy. Use the code “MISSENE” at checkout and you get 10% off swaddle products, including the bundle deals. Why buy 1 when you can buy 4 at $80 (usual price $28 for 1)? We can’t wash them fast enough around here!

This discount code is valid from today 1 August till end August. Shipping is free for purchases above S$100 or you can pick up at their shop at Downtown Gallery (6 Shenton Way).


Be warned though – if you’re anything like me, you will probably end up buying even more stuff when you step into their beautiful retail space. Don’t say I never warn you hor.

*GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Disclaimer: We were given the awesome LPS swaddles in exchange for the photoshoot and blog post. All views and opinions expressed in this entry are my own. Then agani, I don’t share/blog about stuff that I won’t use on my own, or for my babies. 

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Elliott says – 7

Car conversations with Elliott.

Me: Mummy has lots of things to carry. Can you help me with the bags when we get home?
E: No.
Me: Huh? Why not? You’ve always been very helpful?
E: I only help didi and mei mei. Not you. You help yourself.
Me: But why??
E: You are big. You help yourself. I don’t help you.
Me: Ok then. What about Daddy? Can you help him?
E: No. I don’t help Daddy. Because he’s big big big bigger. And very strong.



Elliott says – 6

Elliott just finished drinking chocolate milk and bread. His mouth was covered with chocolate stains.

Me: Elliott, come, let me clean your mouth.
E: No.

Me: Eeeeuw. Your mouth is dirty! You’re a yucky poo!
E: Noooo. I’m not yucky poo. I’m good poo!

Tee hee hee.

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The little yellow ball

A few days back, Elliott received a small yellow rubber ball as part of his classmate’s birthday gift pack. He has been playing with it and this evening, he asked if I can play ball with him. It was time for bed and I was a little hesitant but what the heck, let’s play ball for a while.

He sat on the bed, rolled the ball towards me, and I’d roll it back to him. Sometimes, the ball rolled off the bed and he’d get excited because he was afraid that it’d roll under the bed and he can’t get it out.

Throughout our ball throwing/rolling session, he kept squealing with excitement and broke out in fits of giggles. One time, I hit his head with my throw (what are the chances, right?) and we both shrieked with laughter. I found myself wondering: Roll ball also so happy ah?

It reminded me once again that a child finds joy in the simplest of things, and it made me happy that I was part of that joyful experience. 🎈



Review: Aleyda Mobile Spa

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

When I was heavily pregnant with the twins, my entire body was aching and I was feeling absolutely miserable. Heading out of the house for a massage was impossible, seeing that I had problems just walking from the bed to the ensuite bathroom. I remember lying in bed and googling for “mobile massage” and “home massage” when Aleyda Mobile Spa popped up on my search results.

I called to make an appointment for a pre-natal massage and was impressed that even though their opening hours are from 2pm onwards (I called at about 11am), the call was promptly answered and I secured a session at 2pm.

My therapist, Jean, and her partner, Zam, turned up at 1.45 pm. That’s a good 15 minutes early which I thought was really professional. Zam explained that he was there to do the set-up and would leave once he is done.

A massage bed – the sort where your face goes into a “hole” – is set up in your home (I have it in my bedroom with the aircon on), complete with fluffy towels. A small speaker is also used to play soothing spa music (think birds chirping, water trickling, type of instrumental music) which totally transforms your home into a spa.

Jean was friendly and had a motherly air about her. I immediately felt at ease. I told her where I was aching and she informed me that she will work on the aching points. I have had other pre-natal massages but I can confidently say the massage by Jean was the best pre-natal I have ever had.Β For the record, I do like my massages to be hard and firm, and the previous pre-natal massages were usually pretty “touch and go” affairs which left me wanting more. They were not horrible massages but most of them did not hit the sweet spots.

She is well-trained and unlike many pre-natal massages that I experienced, Jean was not afraid to exert more pressure on areas that were aching, i.e. my shoulder and neck. She even massaged my (then) very giant belly very gently and I’m sure the twins enjoyed the sensation in-utero. At the end of the session, I felt completely rejuvenated.

I rarely leave reviews but I had to do it for Jean and Aleyda Mobile Spa on their Facebook page because good things must share:

Thank you for sending Mdm Jean as my pre-natal masseuse. It was my first time trying Aleyda Mobile Spa and I was honestly a little apprehensive. However, Mdm Jean was professional and worked on ironing out the kinks on my very achy body. She knew exactly what she was doing. I literally felt like a new person post-massage! Her colleague who assisted her with the massage bed was also polite, friendly and non-intrusive. I also liked that they turned up at 1.45pm for the 2pm appointment. Thanks again, Mdm Jean. Highly recommended!

Yes, the mobile massage session is not cheap at $150 for a 90-minute session. You can and it is definitely not something that I can afford on a weekly basis but when your body is aching to the high heavens and you find a good therapist that manages to make you feel like a new person, I would happily part with $150.

After the twins were born, I did a 5-day traditional jamu massage with another Malay lady but to be honest, the massage was more to expel wind from the body (and get rid of the post-birth tummy), rather than getting rid of aches and pains. I contacted Aleya Mobile Spa again and requested for Jean to do a post-natal massage. All the late nights, interrupted sleep and breastfeeding (I look down at the babies all the time so I end up with tight shoulders) has taken a toll on the weary old body. Once again, Jean did an amazing job on my crazy-tight shoulders and neck. She spent a long time working on the knots in my shoulders (my left shoulder is especially tight) and again, I felt renewed.

The only downside? I wish I can have such massages on a weekly basis but until I strike the lottery, such indulgences can only happen once in a long long while πŸ™‚