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I’d love to hear from you! miss ene can be contacted at:

youdecidelor at gmail dot com


15 thoughts on “Contact miss ene

  1. Hi Miss Ene,

    Gt ur link frm SGbride. Ur wedding is really nice and u looked stunnin in ur WG. Congrats!

    Oh ya, need a little help from u…my best fren is goin to hv her wedding end of tis yr and Im thinkin to set up a candy corner for her.
    Can I kno where u/ur fren gt all the nice glassware frm? And also the white color stand.

    Many thanks in advance and hv a nice holidays!


  2. Hi Ashlie,

    Thanks for the lovely note. The glassware, stands, etc belong to my friend Miss E who helped me to set up the candy corner. I know the white stands and glass containers are from Ikea – from the kitchen department. They are actually for stacking plates, etc for the kitchen cabinet.

  3. Hi
    Is there a way to contact you by email or IM?
    I would like to ask you few questions. You can reply me to my email (if you hava a MSN you can add me with this email).
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Arter, there’s actually a “Contact miss ene” button at the top of this blog. I can be reached at ene dot blogspot at gmail dot com

  5. Dear Ms Ene, Could I discuss you privately on one of you postings via email please? I would be very grateful if you could. Many thanks and kind regards.

  6. Hi! This might sound stalkerish, but I recognised your husband with Moon and Elliot at the field outside Pebble Bay some weekends ago! Anyway, on a side note, could you share with me the name of your photographer who did the family shoot for you? I am due soon, and was looking around for a photographer who could do a little photoshoot for both the baby and dog (my first baby really)!

    1. Hello Amy! Haha, next time say Hi! Yeah we hang out there quite often as it has a lovely large field for Moon to run about. Our photos were taken by White Room Studio. Wishing you a safe and fast delivery!

  7. Hi, I chanced upon your blog while I was trying to search for images of thye lee confectionery guo da li packages. I am currently doing a write up on xi bings and I would like to show the packages which past customers have received from Thye Lee. I wonder if you are open for me to use the 2 images which you have taken of thye lee xi bings (in your post dated 10th May 2009). I went to Thye Lee 2 days ago and I realised they are using the same boxes. So I thought it is a good representation of what customers can expect. I will credit you in my write up at my blog. Hope to hear form you soon. =)

    1. Hi Jessie! Thanks for leaving a note. Yes, feel free to use the images – as long as they’re credited. Thanks again for asking – much appreciated 🙂

  8. Hi Miss Ene,

    I am looking for Mt Alvenia backpack. I wonder if there is chance that you are giving away the backpack? Many thanks in advance!

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