Review: Le Petit Society’s 100% GOTS organic swaddles

When Robyn, the boss-lady of Le Petit Society (LPS) dropped me a note to ask if we’d like to review their latest product offering, we said yes pretty much immediately. We are already (paying) customers of LPS and have always been a fan of their clothing so it was a no-brainer saying yes.

We had the opportunity to try LPS’s new muslin swaddles when Robyn and her crew came by to film the twins. The swaddles are made from 100% GOTS*-certified organic cotton which are chemical-free and especially suited for babies with allergies and/or sensitive skin. The prints are made from dyes that are formaldehyde-free.


With Elliott and the twins, we used the usual swaddles that you find on the market. Even though they were soft to begin with, they will usually end up being rough with each wash. I got a couple of hand-me-downs for the twins and even though they were in good condition, they weren’t soft to the touch despite us using baby-safe laundry. Also, despite being “muslin”, I had to stop swaddling the twins because it was too hot to do so in our sweltering heat.

Before the shoot, I was a tad apprehensive because we all know working with babies (and animals) is challenging. Also, I wasn’t how they’d react to the swaddles since I haven’t swaddled them for a while. However, as you can see in this video, it turned out to be a very pleasant experience for the 2 little ones. Check out that sweet smile on Edith’s face after she was nicely swaddled. That was a lovely surprise.

These swaddles feel very different from the usual ones. They are extremely soft to the touch, and a lot lighter. I find it easier to swaddle the babies as the material is light and slightly stretchy. See how expert I look in the video above? 😉

I can also see how they are more suited for our (crazy hot) weather. I have to confess that since we were given the 4 new swaddles, I’ve pretty much ditched using the old ones. Each swaddle measures 120 cm by 120 cm, similar in size to the ones currently on the market. Being made of lightweight cotton also means that these swaddles dry pretty quickly!


Even when not using them as swaddles, I use them as day blankets to cover their legs when they nap in their rockers, or when we take them out to the nearby park in the stroller.


I think they’d make a good nursing cover too, if you ever find yourself having to nurse in public and without a cover.


Special deal:

Le Petit Society is offering a 10% discount off for all readers of miss ene and the boy. Use the code “MISSENE” at checkout and you get 10% off swaddle products, including the bundle deals. Why buy 1 when you can buy 4 at $80 (usual price $28 for 1)? We can’t wash them fast enough around here!

This discount code is valid from today 1 August till end August. Shipping is free for purchases above S$100 or you can pick up at their shop at Downtown Gallery (6 Shenton Way).


Be warned though – if you’re anything like me, you will probably end up buying even more stuff when you step into their beautiful retail space. Don’t say I never warn you hor.

*GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

Disclaimer: We were given the awesome LPS swaddles in exchange for the photoshoot and blog post. All views and opinions expressed in this entry are my own. Then agani, I don’t share/blog about stuff that I won’t use on my own, or for my babies. 


Review: Aleyda Mobile Spa

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

When I was heavily pregnant with the twins, my entire body was aching and I was feeling absolutely miserable. Heading out of the house for a massage was impossible, seeing that I had problems just walking from the bed to the ensuite bathroom. I remember lying in bed and googling for “mobile massage” and “home massage” when Aleyda Mobile Spa popped up on my search results.

I called to make an appointment for a pre-natal massage and was impressed that even though their opening hours are from 2pm onwards (I called at about 11am), the call was promptly answered and I secured a session at 2pm.

My therapist, Jean, and her partner, Zam, turned up at 1.45 pm. That’s a good 15 minutes early which I thought was really professional. Zam explained that he was there to do the set-up and would leave once he is done.

A massage bed – the sort where your face goes into a “hole” – is set up in your home (I have it in my bedroom with the aircon on), complete with fluffy towels. A small speaker is also used to play soothing spa music (think birds chirping, water trickling, type of instrumental music) which totally transforms your home into a spa.

Jean was friendly and had a motherly air about her. I immediately felt at ease. I told her where I was aching and she informed me that she will work on the aching points. I have had other pre-natal massages but I can confidently say the massage by Jean was the best pre-natal I have ever had. For the record, I do like my massages to be hard and firm, and the previous pre-natal massages were usually pretty “touch and go” affairs which left me wanting more. They were not horrible massages but most of them did not hit the sweet spots.

She is well-trained and unlike many pre-natal massages that I experienced, Jean was not afraid to exert more pressure on areas that were aching, i.e. my shoulder and neck. She even massaged my (then) very giant belly very gently and I’m sure the twins enjoyed the sensation in-utero. At the end of the session, I felt completely rejuvenated.

I rarely leave reviews but I had to do it for Jean and Aleyda Mobile Spa on their Facebook page because good things must share:

Thank you for sending Mdm Jean as my pre-natal masseuse. It was my first time trying Aleyda Mobile Spa and I was honestly a little apprehensive. However, Mdm Jean was professional and worked on ironing out the kinks on my very achy body. She knew exactly what she was doing. I literally felt like a new person post-massage! Her colleague who assisted her with the massage bed was also polite, friendly and non-intrusive. I also liked that they turned up at 1.45pm for the 2pm appointment. Thanks again, Mdm Jean. Highly recommended!

Yes, the mobile massage session is not cheap at $150 for a 90-minute session. You can and it is definitely not something that I can afford on a weekly basis but when your body is aching to the high heavens and you find a good therapist that manages to make you feel like a new person, I would happily part with $150.

After the twins were born, I did a 5-day traditional jamu massage with another Malay lady but to be honest, the massage was more to expel wind from the body (and get rid of the post-birth tummy), rather than getting rid of aches and pains. I contacted Aleya Mobile Spa again and requested for Jean to do a post-natal massage. All the late nights, interrupted sleep and breastfeeding (I look down at the babies all the time so I end up with tight shoulders) has taken a toll on the weary old body. Once again, Jean did an amazing job on my crazy-tight shoulders and neck. She spent a long time working on the knots in my shoulders (my left shoulder is especially tight) and again, I felt renewed.

The only downside? I wish I can have such massages on a weekly basis but until I strike the lottery, such indulgences can only happen once in a long long while 🙂


Review: New and improved Agape Babies

Back in 2014, I blogged about Agape Babies. It has been our go-to online store for baby-related products as they carry some of my favourite brands that I use for Elliott. Recently, they contacted me again to share that they have:

  • launched their new and redesigned website for an even better shopping experience on the mobile. There’s also a one-step checkout and one-click sign in for a faster experience. We all know busy mothers usually shop in the middle of the night (or with one hand) when babies are asleep so an easy-to-navigate mobile site is important.
  • expanded their brand and product selection to include popular brands such as Jujube and 3M. They now carry over 250 brands and 6,000 products in over 10 categories. Pretty mind-boggling, if you ask me.
  • one-click self collection from 3 convenient locations – Newton, Sengkang and Old Airport Road. Smaller parcels enjoy 72 pick up locations.

Also, for first time customers, you get $10 off and 1 free Mustela Trial Kit (worth $10) OR a 10% discount on full-priced items – use code “AGAPE10%”. Details here.

Here are some of my favourite products/brands that I get from Agape Babies:


From left to right:

Previously, I bought a smaller tube (75gm) from a physical store and realised that this bigger bottle costs less on Agape Babies. Elliott co-sleeps with us in an air-conditioned room and I noticed that his face was getting dry. This is what I use to apply on his face after his evening shower each evening.

He calls it the “cow cream” and if I forget, he’d remind me to “put cow cream on Elliott’s face so that it won’t crack”. Yes, that’s what I tell him and he chimes it back to me, that little parrot.

MooGoo is a natural skin care brand from Australia,  and this is what it says on the box:

This nourishing moisturiser includes 10% MSM (organic sulphur), a natural skin-soothing compound, to help skin return to a healthy condition. It also contains Sweet Almond Oil and raw Coconut Oil which are two of the best oils to help calm and nourish troublesome skin. Suitable for adults, children and babies.

What I love about it: It smells naturally nice, and gets absorbed by the skin easily. Just a little bit goes a long way for his face. Elliott generally hates cream on him but he allows this “cow cream” on his face which says a lot.

  • Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder Shaker Bottle (7.5oz) | product link

For some odd reason, it is damn hard to find this powder at the shops! Not many online retailers carry it as well. I’ve hunted for it high and low and no luck. I was really thankful when I saw that Agape Babies carry it as it is my favourite dusting powder to use on Elliott. I’ve used it on him since he was a wee tiny newborn and we are still using it post-shower. I don’t know about you but I love the smell of a freshly-powdered baby/toddler. Mmmmm.

Burt’s Bees is from USA and it ‘keeps skin feeling soft, dry and comfortable. Made with naturally absorbant Cornstarch, our talc-free formula is clinically shown to be non-irritating and safe for baby’s delicate skin’.

What I love about it: It’s 100% natural and importantly, talc free (did you read about the Johnson & Johnson case?). It also contains no parabens, phthalates, petrolatum or SLS. Will definitely be using it on the twins when they arrive too! It also smell nice. Can you tell that smell is a very important criteria for me? Hur hur.

I first discovered NAIF at a consumer trade show. If memory does not fail me, I think it was at Public Garden. I chatted with the gentleman manning the small store and he shared that he brought NAIF into Singapore because he was trying to find a suitable product for his young son who suffered from eczema as a baby.

We used California Baby Shampoo & Body Wash: Calendula (also carried by Agape Babies) for Elliott when he was younger but now that he’s older, I decided to switch to using a separate shampoo and body wash. We’d still be using the same California Baby products for the twins when they arrive.

NAIF originates from the Netherlands. The nourishing shampoo is ‘based on a soap-free, tear-free formula, specially developed for delicate baby hair and scalp. The mild formula leaves hair soft and shiny. Made from natural ingredients such as cottonseed extract and gluten free wheat protein powder.’

The cleansing wash gel ‘has a soap-free, tear free formula specially developed for delicate and sensitive baby skin. The mild formula gently cleanses while preserving the skin’s hydrolipidic film to leave skin feeling soft and smooth. Made from natural ingredients such as cottonseed extract and gluten free wheat protein powder.’

What I love about it: It is a natural product that is dermatologically tested, PH-skin neutral, hypo allergenic/ allergy-free perfume, preservative free. It also contains no PEG, SLS/ SLES, phenoxyethanol, parabens, mineral oil or any other potentially harmful ingredients. It is also mild and smells nice. I’d admit to always smelling Elliott’s head post-shower because I love the fresh clean post-shower smell.

Also, you don’t need to use much for the little ones. For the shampoo, I use a pea-sized amount to wash Elliott’s hair (also because he erm, doesn’t have much hair). For the cleansing wash gel, I use about the size of 10-cent coin (or slightly less) for his entire body.

Don’t say I never share – Agape Babies is currently having a promotion where you buy 2 NAIF products and get a free NAIF mini gift set worth $25! These mini sets are useful when we take Elliott swimming and we simply pop these mini tubes into his swim bag. You can see the little tubes in the picture above.

Discount code

Now, here’s something special for all of you. When you shop at Agape Babies, use the code ene5% and you’d get a 5% discount on your purchases. This code is valid from today, 5 June till 25 June, so do hurry. Kindly note that this discount code excludes milk, diapers, wipes, Medela breastpumps, Jujube, sale and clearance categories.

Courier delivery

Agape Babies also provide free courier delivery for purchases $80 and above. I love that their delivery partner is Ninja Van (with tracking number) and if you order before 2pm, the earliest you can get your items is the next working day. More details on delivery here.

Happy shopping!

Note: miss ene received shopping credits in return for this sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed are her own.


Review: Agape Babies

I first heard of AgapeBabies on Instagram where I spotted one of their posts. Amidst the explosion of online shops targetted at parents, they stood out because I noticed that they carried some of my favourite brands, such as California BabySkipHop and Sophie the Giraffe. I remember spotting one of their exclusive-to-Instagram #agapedailydeal where milestone baby cards were going for $19.90 instead of $24.90. I was very very tempted to get it but I already have something similar so I decided to hold back (I practised much self-control, thankyouverymuch).

AgapeBabies retails premium brands of baby products such as skincare, organic food, books, toys and essential gear for mothers. They have also recently partnered The Sunshine Kids, a kids fashion company. Ultimately, their website will become a multi-store which essentially is a “one-stop departmental store” where busy mothers (and fathers) can shop between the various stores and check-out in one shopping cart. With more shops and products to be added on soon, online shopping will be a breeze.


They currently carry over 100 brands and 2000 products in store. Mind-boggling! And if you are a fan of California Baby, you’d be glad to know that they specialise in stocking the organic brand. For the record, Elliott uses the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash (since birth!) as well as the Calendula Cream. We have gone through bottles of the shampoo/body wash and the Calendula Cream works wonderfully for heat rash on his cheeks and body.

They have also recently widened their range of products to include more brands of diapers and milk. For diapers, they now stock Huggies, MamyPoko & GOO.N. As for milk, they now carry Friso, Similac, Isomil & Pediasure.

Last month, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by them to be one of their Brand Ambassadors. Ooh, a Brand Ambassador! I had visions of myself walking about with a sash across my body with their brand name. Ok, not quite. I was given shopping credits and in return, I’d write a review on the experience.

Yippee!  Online shopping! I LOVE!

Last Monday, I finally got down to choosing stuff for Elliott. The website is easy to navigate and best of all, I like that there is a “Search” field at the top righthand corner. I also surfed their website on my phone (as you do when you have a baby and do not have the luxury of turning on the laptop) and am pleased that it is just as easy to move between pages.

I placed my order at about 2pm and was expecting the parcel to reach me 2-3 days later which is typical of most online shopping services. I was thus pleasantly surprised when the stuff I ordered arrived at my doorstep the very next day before noon. Phwah. That was fast.


Did I mention that I lurrrve receiving parcels? There’s always a sense of anticipation even though I clearly already know what I have ordered. Hur hur. Check out the items I picked out:


Clockwise from top-left:

Unfortunately, there was a slight mistake with my order. I had placed an order for the Blue Whale swim nappies but were given the Blue Shark instead. I wrote a quick email to inform them of the error and I received a reply shortly after to say that they will do a one-for-one exchange the following day. I do understand that sometimes, things do go wrong but nothing peeves me more than companies who ignore after-sales service. In this instance, the mistake was rectified swiftly and on Wednesday, the correct swim nappies were hand delivered with an apology for the oversight. Nicely done 🙂


HOW CUTE ARE THESE?! I cannot wait to see Elliott in them.

And here’s some news for you:

For being lovely readers of miss ene and the boy, you get a 5% discount off your purchases from AgapeBabies! Just use the coupon code: 5%offmisseneblog at check-out. Do note that the discount code is valid for 4 weeks, from 22 July till 19 August and does not include the purchase of breast pumps, diapers and milk. Oh and if you spend $80 and above, there is free local courier service included. Otherwise, it is a flat rate of $5 (by Ta-Q-Bin) or $2 (by SingPost).

You can also check out their Instagram page for daily deals or like their Facebook page here. Oh and if you’re on Instagram, check out my profile (missene). There’s a $10 e-voucher giveaway contest!

Note: miss ene received shopping credits in return for this sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed are her own.