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This blog hasn’t seen an update on Moon for a while so I thought that it is timely that I write an entry on our furry miss in the month of July as she will be turning 10. Wow, ten years old. That’s quite a milestone. We adopted her when she was 3 years old-ish way back in 2011 (has it been that long?) and re-reading my entry on how we adopted her always puts a smile on my face.

Turning 10 officially puts her in the ‘senior dog’ category but honestly, if you’ve met Moon in real life, she’s anything but senior.


She still goes for jogs with the boy (5km or more), enjoys long walks and has a hearty appetite. However, I’ve noticed that she does sleep a lot more and goes to bed earlier. Previously, she’d sit with us when we watch late-night TV but these days, at about 8-9pm, she’d be in her bed snoozing. I guess that’s what old age does to you.

Throughout the time that she’s been with our family, Moon has been there throughout it all – those childless days, those days when we crumbled on the floor in a heap, heartbroken by our failed attempts at having a child. She was also there when we moved out of our first home and was there to welcome Elliott home from the hospital.


Till today, she is our ever-faithful dog who gets excited when we get home and jumps around like a puppy, trying to get our attention. This is also the same greedy dog that behaves like we don’t feed her and lurks around the kitchen (even though she’s not allowed in there) and lingers around us when one of us has food in our hands.

From the first day I met her, she’s been a ‘people’ dog and love being near humans. When we lounge around the house, she’d be snoozing/lying near us. As I’m typing this entry, she’s lying by my feet under the dining table. She still loves her belly rubs and would roll into an inverted position as if saying “rub my belly, woman!“. This is also the dog that hangs near us when we take her to a dog run so these days, we don’t bother anymore.


On the occassion of her 10th birthday, Kohepets offered us some shopping credits to celebrate (woohoo). Here’s what I got:

1. WashBar 100% Natural Lavender and Primrose Shampoo for Dogs 250ml – $26.50 | product link
WashBar 100% Neem Fresh Natural Shampoo for Dogs 250ml
– $26.50 | product link

Where possible, I try and use natural products for Moon. I’m not a fan of strong, artificial-smelling shampoos that seem…unnatural. I am also conscious of the fact that dogs have a strong sense of smell so can you imagine using such strong-smelling shampoo on their coats? The previous shampoo brand that we use is no longer available in Singapore (boohoo) so I decided to try out WashBar‘s products. Originating from New Zealand, I like their philosophy of ‘keeping it simple but effective – taking ingredients already created by Nature and blending them in a way that works best for pets.’

2. Petsafe Drinkwell Fountain Premium Activated Carbon Filters (3-Pack) – $18 | product link

Moon’s ‘water bowl’ is the Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain that was given to me by my mum. She actually bought it for her dog, Domo, but silly Domo is afraid of it (!) so Moon got to benefit. Hehe. I love that she gets to lap ‘moving water’ instead of water that remains stagnant in a bowl. However, silly me did not realise that you have to change the carbon filter that is crucial in keeping the water tasting clean and fresh. Oops.

3. Outward Hound Hands Free Hipster – $37.50 | product link

I was quite excited when I saw this. As mentioned above, the boy takes Moon running or for long walks. All this time, he’s been using her usual leash. Decided that this product may come in useful for their outings. I love that it has 3 zippered pockets (for money, mobile phone, training snacks, etc) and a mesh water bottle holder. It also comes with a 5-foot leash so the boy can go hands-free when running with Moon.

He tested it recently and had this to say:

The wife gifted us with a jogging pouch with attached dog leash for hands-free running. My initial thoughts? It is so chunky and heavy (very cushiony). I took the pouch out on the day I couldn’t find my usual one and it is surprisingly comfortable with 3 separate compartments for lots of storage.

The usual initial drag from Moon was absorbed by the waist and she pretty much followed my pace steadily soon after. It does not hinder my stride nor momentum. Now I just need to figure out how to dry it faster so that I can use it again!


Kohepets delivers in 2 working days and since I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon, the delivery would be on a Monday. Delivery is also free for orders $60 and above.

Did you know that Kohepets carry one of the widest product ranges online? 6,000 and counting! They also carry premium pet food brands like Wellness, Merrick, K9 Natural & The Honest Kitchen, popular accessory brands like FuzzYard (one of my favourites as well) and Red Dingo, and niche brands like Fromm and Newflands. I also love that they stock snacks from our go-to bakery, The Barkery.

Also, if you’re a new customer, you can get $8 off your first order by using the discount code ‘KOHE8’ at checkout. Happy shopping!

Note: miss ene received shopping credits in return for this sponsored post. All views and opinions expressed are her own.


Moon goes to the dentist

The last time we tried to get Moon’s teeth cleaned, it wasn’t very successful. Her breath still stank despite all the teeth brushing we did because of the plaque and tartar that has accumulated on her teeth. I was also concerned that the bad breath may be a sign of something more serious, health-wise. After she turned 9 years old, I decided that it was a good time to send her in for tooth scaling at the vet. Dr Lee at Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic came highly recommended and we managed to fix an appointment on the same day that we were taking Elliott to the clinic. How cute that both babies got their teeth cleaned on the same day. Hehe.

Their dental appointments were 1 hour apart with one being at Ghim Moh and the other at Novena. As Murphy’s Law would dictate, there was a torrential rain that morning which led to heavy traffic everywhere. Pfffft.


We finally made it to the vet and as you can see from her face, Moon wasn’t particularly looking forward to her dental appointment – not that she knows it.

We have been to quite a few vets and I must say that Gentle Oak has a lovely vibe to it. The nurses are friendly and smiley, and the entire waiting area was very pleasant and clean. I noted an unlit tea-light at a corner of the waiting area and there was a note that said that if the candle was lit, it meant that someone was saying goodbye to their pet and one should keep voice low. It struck me that it didn’t cost much to put up a sign with a tea-light but the level of empathy is high at this vet. This made me very pleased.


We did not have to wait long before it was our turn to speak to Dr Lee who was chirpy and upbeat. I could tell that she genuinely loved dogs (animals) as she cradled Moon and gave her kisses and hugs while telling her that all is ok. As it was our first visit, Dr Lee suggested that a blood test be done to ensure that her health is in order before putting her under GA for the tooth scaling procedure. We agreed and left her at the clinic at about 10.30am while we rushed off to make Elliott’s appointment at Novena.

At about 3ish, we received a call to say that Moon was done and we can pick her up between 4 to 5pm. I could also hear her howling/whining in the background – oops. We got to speak with Dr Lee who jokingly told us that Moon’s whining gave her a headache – hur hur. She also added that she is in good health and that all her vital organs are in perfect working order. Hip hip hooray!


The actual dental scaling costs $120 which is the norm but throw in the blood test and other miscellaneous, the total damage was close to $500 – OUCH. I console myself that this is a one-off procedure that will not be done anytime soon.


This girl now has nice shiny plaque and tartar-teeth. And thankfully, no more bad breath. Woohoo.





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Look who’s 9!

I was good this year – I remembered to place an order for Moon’s birthday early this year. As usual, we went to The Barkery and chose this lovely Dog Bowl Cake because I thought that she’d enjoy the treats that come in the ‘bowl’.

When we unboxed the cake, I gasped because…would you just look at the number of overflowing treats in the bowl?!! Moon is so very loved by the ladies at The Barkery (thank yoooou!).


This year, we celebrated it at a good friend’s home on a weekend (her birthday fell on a weekday). As usual, the birthday girl couldn’t wait to devour it but I made her take a gazillion photos first (but of course).



As per tradition, we took a family photo. I love looking back at the photos from Moon’s birthday each year because for each year that Moon is older, Elliott grows a bit more too. One year ago, Elliott looked like a little baby. Now, he’s a little boy!


We lit the ‘9’ candle and sang her birthday song with gusto. And guess who very enthusiastically helped to blow out Moon’s candle? Yes, Elliott. Of course. The boy snapped a video of it and I am sure it will remain a precious treasured memory in years to come.

We also make it a point to take a picture with her because it’s her special day. She’d always be our first (fur) baby!


Happy 9th birthday, dear Moon! We love you to the Moon and back! 


miss ene checks out: Royal Pets Paradise

Moon was looking like a true furball (i.e. ball covered in a lot of fur) so I decided that it was time for a full grooming session. We used to send her to Woofy’s Corner whose groomer, Joyce, did a wonderful job with Moon. However, they were located at Kovan and it is quite a distance to travel.



I did some research via the Singapore Schnauzer Club page on Facebook and the name Royal Pets Paradise (RPP) cropped up a few times. Apparently, they are good at grooming mini schnauzers. They are located conveniently 10 minutes away from where we live so I decided to check them out.

When I arrived, the groomer who would work on Moon, Joann, smiled at me as I walked through the glass door. That’s a good sign, I thought. She also asked what kind of cut I was looking for and gave some suggestions on what she thought would suit Moon’s body frame. She also informed me that she’d give me a call about 15 minutes before Moon is done so that I can make my way back to the shop.

I dropped her at about 4pm and it was close to 6pm when she was done. We were a little early so we hung around the outside of the shop for a while. Moon was pretty sharp though – she spotted me peeking at her from the side.


We were surprised – in a good way – at how different Moon looked. She looked like a puppy again! And I like that the fur on her back is kept short for easy maintenance. Also, her general look is “balanced”. We have been to groomers who gave her an unbalanced cut where her head looked smaller than her body. I also like that she did not smell too artificially-scented.


I paid $55 for the full grooming session which is pretty reasonable, in my opinion. They have an option of membership at $20 (if I remember correctly) and the price drops to $50/session.

It is hard to find groomers that genuinely care and like dogs so I am glad that our experience at RPP was good. I am always a little nervous whenever we send her to a new groomer because there are too many horror stories out there about unqualified and horrible groomers (think: tongues being cut off, coming home with fleas, etc).


I guess we’d be back!

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QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags

This is a sticky post and will remain here until the end of the giveaway. Scroll down for new entries!

Moon takes a twice-daily walk, once in the morning and once in the evening. We tried to train her to do her business indoors but that hasn’t been very successful. This means that one of the essential items we take along with us on those walks are dog litter bags.

We have been using the generic ones from Pet Lovers Centre and although they do what they’re meant to do, I have always found them of poor quality (they rip very easily) and are a tad too small for large “situations”. Also, these bags are not degradable so there is always a tinge of guilt at the amount of plastic I consume on a daily basis. Then I discovered QuickGrab fragranced dog litter disposal bags. IMG_5271 Here’s What I love about them bags:

  1. These bags have handles. The ones that we have been using do not and although it seems like a small difference, try picking up dog poo when you have an excited dog trying to charge at the neighbourhood cat and a curious toddler who is walking away from you to look at “bo” (boats). They look just like a small plastic bag and you use it like a glove before tying it up quickly and disposing of it.IMG_5276
  2. They are scented! I am very particular about smells and bad smells make me angry (really). These QuickGrab bags come with a faint lemon scent and unless you stick your head into one to take a whiff, the smell is barely noticeable.
  3. These bags are degradable, i.e. environmentally friendly. This is important to me because I do try and do my little part in trying to save our fragile world by cutting down on plastic bag use. Using these bags to pick up after Moon means that we are using two plastic bags less (on average) per day.
  4. Best of all, these bags are dual purpose in our household. It functions as Moon’s poo bag and we use it to dispose of Elliott’s (very smelly) poopy diapers too. I used to simply chuck them into our household bin (too smelly for the nappy bin even though it has a lid!) but they stink up the entire bin. Why do small babies have such smelly output?! With these bags, them poopy diapers are safety secured which means that we no longer need to suffer the nasty wafts whenever we open the nappy bin to dispose of (yet more) diapers.


Yep. That’s a poopy diaper right there.

If you have a household that has a human baby and a furry one just like us, go check out these bags. Rather economical in the long run 🙂 You can get these bags at Kohe Pets and they are retailing for $5.80 for a pack of 100 pieces.

Wait. There’s more. WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY!

The good people at QuickGrab has kindly offered 3 of these Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags for 3 blog readers. All you need to do is to leave a short comment (no need to write essay) on this entry to tell me a little about your household (do you have a furry baby too? A human baby along the way? Tell me! Tell me!) and at the end of the giveaway period, I’d pick 3 winners and QuickGrab will send you a “QuickGrab Fragranced Dog Litter Disposal Bags” (100 pieces) via mail!

Giveaway ends 16 August 2015 at noon so be quick 🙂

miss ene was given one pack of dog litter disposal bags from QuickGrab for the purpose of this review. All opinions reflected are my own.