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Elliott says – 8

In the car with Elliott. 

Me: It’s such a hot day today, Elliott. The sun is shining really brightly!

Elliott: Yes it’s very hot. We need to spray the sun.

Me: Spray the sun? With what?

Elliott: With water. So that it won’t be so hot.

Me: That’s a really good idea, Elliott!
Now why didn’t we think of that? šŸ˜„

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Elliott says – 7

Car conversations with Elliott.

Me: Mummy has lots of things to carry. Can you help me with the bags when we get home?
E: No.
Me: Huh? Why not? You’ve always been very helpful?
E: I only help didi and mei mei. Not you. You help yourself.
Me: But why??
E: You are big. You help yourself. I don’t help you.
Me: Ok then. What about Daddy? Can you help him?
E: No. I don’t help Daddy. Because he’s big big big bigger. And very strong.


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Elliott says – 5

We were at E’s school for parent-teacher meeting and his teacher shared that he’s besotted with a new female Caucasian classmate – let’s called her A. She shared that he will ask to sit beside her and when they first met, he couldn’t stop touching her blond hair and admiring her blue eyes. So last night at bedtime, we had this conversation.

Me: Elliott, you have a new classmate called A?

E: Yes.

Me: Do you like her?

E: Yes.

Me: Why do you like her?

E: Because she’s pretty.

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Elliott says – 4

We co-sleep with Elliott and usually after we turn off the lights, we’d still chat in the dark for a bit. 

Me: I love you, Elliott.

Elliott: I love you mummy! 

Me: How much do u love mummy? (I expected him to stretch out his arms wide to say “this much!”, just like the book “Guess how much I love you”)

Instead, without missing a heartbeat, he exclaimed: 


After I recovered from giggling, I quipped: Mummy loves you….$10! 

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Elliott Says – 1


We were at a bakery and looking at bread. I told the boy that I needed to use the bathroom so off I went.

When I was done, Elliott was waiting outside. The moment he saw me, he asked in a chiding tone:

Elliott: Mummy, where you go? Why you lost?
Me: I went to the bathroom.
Elliott: Bathroom? I was looking at bread with Daddy. Why you lost, Mummy. Why?!

It made me laugh. It was his way of asking where I went without telling him. And that chiding tone really cracked me up. He’s only 3 years old! Aiyooooo.