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Our laundry system rocks.

I have been meaning to blog about this for the longest time but as usual, something comes up and this entry remains in my draft box forever. Today, I am going to tell you about my laundry system. It sounds really boring but hey, I decided that with apartments being so darn tiny these days,… Continue reading Our laundry system rocks.


Laundry system in place!

Last Friday, we finally got a proper laundry system going. Let’s just say that the laundry system we got could have bought us a new dryer. Wah lau eh. Everything also need money. Faint. I checked out two places, Home Niche and Ezzi Living. After speaking to both companies, comparing quotes and systems, we decided… Continue reading Laundry system in place!


Review: Le Petit Society’s 100% GOTS organic swaddles

When Robyn, the boss-lady of Le Petit Society (LPS) dropped me a note to ask if we’d like to review their latest product offering, we said yes pretty much immediately. We are already (paying) customers of LPS and have always been a fan of their clothing so it was a no-brainer saying yes. We had… Continue reading Review: Le Petit Society’s 100% GOTS organic swaddles

the twins

The hospital bag

It has been 3 years since Elliott was born so when it was time to pack the hospital bag for the twins, I had clean forgotten what goes into it. Thankfully, fellow mama to twins, Adeline, shared with me her hospital packing list which helped me tremendously in getting started. After my own experience, I… Continue reading The hospital bag

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And then it was 7.

Truth be told, I almost forgot about our wedding anniversary. It was only when I was punching a new entry into my calendar on the phone did I realise that our 7th wedding anniversary was round the corner. 7 years. We are 3 years away from being together for 10 years. Officially, on paper, that… Continue reading And then it was 7.