note to edith and everett

Note to Edith and Everett – 01

Dear Edith and Everett,

In a blink of an eye, you are one month old. As cliche as it sounds, time does fly by so quickly. Days turn into night, and night turns into day. Everyday, we are busy with tending to your needs. Nursing, pumping (milk), cleaning (butts), sleeping, burping. Rinse and repeat x times a day.

Everyone tells me to relish your newborn days because you’d grow up in a blink of an eye. And I do try and remember that you are only tiny for just this little while. With your brother, our firstborn, we barely had time to appreciate him. We were just focused on keeping him alive. We were newbie parents and weren’t sure what we were doing.

This time round, we are less uptight. At least for me. I go easy on myself by supplementing with formula milk. I take better care of myself by ensuring that I get a decent amount of sleep at night. And for that, we have your confinement nanny to thank. She is the one who does the night feeds and allow me (somewhat) decent restful sleep.

This may sound silly but I try to be as fair as I can with the both of you. I try to ensure that you both get (somewhat) equal amounts of breastmilk and cuddle time with me. Even though you are a pair of twins and pretty much spent 37-weeks squashed together in my womb, you have pretty distinct personalities.

I have to confess that in the early days, I honestly couldn’t tell you both apart. Not now though. It is pretty easy to know who’s who. Edith, you are physically bigger. I can see a (slight) double chin and your cheeks and thighs are filling out. At one month old, you look pretty similar to Elliott when he was the same age.

Everett, you have these amazingly long sideburns and that’s also a distinctive trait that sets you apart from your sister. You also have huge saucer-like eyes and you remind me of Elliott when he was a tiny newborn. I guess in your own ways, the three of you do look somewhat alike.

Edith, you are the “big” sister but we all call you mei mei. I have also nicknamed you “angry bird” because you yell at every little thing. If I attempt to move you from the rocker to the cot, you yell like I’m trying to rip out your right arm. You are also a “noisy” sleeper and makes these “stretching” noises throughout your sleep. You pull the funniest of expressions when stretching and I love watching your face.  You also enjoy falling asleep on me and I quietly chuckle at your little open mouth when you are in deep sleep because it reminds me of myself.

At one month old, you tip the scales at 3.8 kg. You are a good and fast drinker, taking in milk by the bottle very quickly. This probably explains why you look significantly bigger than Everett. You are better at latching at the breast than your little brother and can pretty much suckle from any angle. However, you have a bloated round tummy and despite trying everything – tummy massage, Ruyi oil, “cycling”, etc, your tummy remains round. This gassy tummy situation affects your sleep quality and I do hope you outgrow it soon.

Everett, you weigh in at 3.5 kg and looks physically tinier than your twin sister. Because of that, I find myself wanting to cuddle you that much more because you seem so tiny and…fragile. You remind me very much of Elliott as a newborn as you have large expressive eyes and double eyelids, just like kor kor.

You are almost a model baby when it comes to sleep. You have a pretty chill personality (like Daddy) and can sleep for 3 hours and only wake almost at the dot for your next feed. You can also fall asleep on your own after a feed which is absolutely wonderful.

However, you are also extremely impatient whenever you are hungry. You thrash your little head about like a hungry wolf (along with loud impatient cries) and by doing so, completely miss the fact that the milk bottle teat is right there IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. It is sometimes impossible to nurse you as you are so. very. impatient. I need to also document this cute quirk of yours – I cannot carry you in my arms because the moment you realise that it is me, you get very very excited and thrash around trying to nurse.

For the past month, we have been heading to the polyclinic to check on your jaundice levels and thankfully, the numbers are coming down. You are due for your first vaccination soon and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the dreaded fever will stay away.


Happy first month, my sweet peas!

Mummy xoxo


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