Parent teacher meeting

It was our first parent teacher meeting for the year. It was also Elliott’s first after he started pre-nursery class and full-day childcare. I was a little curious as to what his teacher would say about him because we all know how differently  children behave when they are at home and at school.

It was good to hear from his teacher M that he is thriving at school. Apparently, he’s a riot when he’s with 2 other boys. They’re apparently thick as thieves! Teacher M shared that they cannot stop talking (!) and if they’re seated together at lunch, 20 minutes will pass and no one would have touched their food as they’d be busy talking, laughing and play jostling.

She also shared that Elliott loves to sing and would break out into song whenever he feels like it. Interestingly, his classmates will join in and the entire class will be singing. Reminds me of Glee! She also showed us a video clip of him singing with his friends. Awww. She shared that he sings whenever – when they are doing activitivies at the table, in the shower, when they are playing….

We are just glad to know that he’s doing good at school and that’s all that matters.



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