note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 32

Dear Elliott,

As the British will say, BLIMEY! How overdue is this note! Well yes. My 32nd note to you almost didn’t happen because about a week from now, the 33rd note is due. I contemplated (horrors of horrors) combining note 32 and 33 but the OCD-ness in me cannot cope with that thought.


At 32 months, you are a full on chatterbox. You say the darnest things. You tell us that you want to “go zoo see giraffe”. Or to the shopping centre to “buy car”. I wish I can video every little thing that you say but we know that’s impossible. Here’s a classic gem that you love to exclaim randomly:

Daddy has penis.
Air-yiot has penis.
Mummy no penis.

I’m glad that you have’t been repeating this ditty of yours outside our home. We would be rather mortified, even though you’re telling the truth.

You seem to also be exhibiting the “Terrible Twos” by getting upset over the most random of things, i.e. you need to put on the car socks and cannot deal with the animal socks. I have since learnt to give you 2 choices so that it makes you feel like you are choosing and have a say over your sock colour.


You are also resisting all sorts of shirt tags and insist that “Mummy cut”. Shirts with collars are also out of the equation. You scream blue murder if I even dare attempt to put on a nice shirt for you because you know, we are going for a nice family dinner at a fancy restaurant. I find myself wearing the same t-shirts for you over and ove again because the nice tees I buy, you stain them with food and after a maximum of 3 wears, they look like you’ve worn them for 10 years.

You have also develop this strange habit of picking at the skin around your fingers. You get obsessed with them and will also ask that I cut them. Is it a 32 month thing? I do hope you outgrow this obsession with your skin soon.

Speaking of obsessions, you are obsessed with Paw Patrol. The moment the theme song comes on, you hop and dance around the sofa like a crazed K-pop fan. That darn song is also in my head constantly because you sing it whenever you can. You know the names of all the characters and whenever the show is on, you barely blink! You completely ignore anyone talking to you and pay 100% attention to the show.


I can see why you love it so much though. It’s about dogs with cool vehicles such as a bulldozer, firetruck, helicopter and police car. I know toddlers like you shouldn’t watch too much tv blah blah blah but I like that Paw Patrol teaches about teamwork and the pups are all rescue dogs. I also like that they speak proper English. You have picked up phrases like “Ryder needs us!”, and “Rubble….ON THE DOUBLE” from the show. You also love to ask me what’s “venture bay” (Adventure Bay – where the show is set)  every. single. time. the show comes on.

You love singing and would break out into songs randomly. I particularly love it when you sing songs that you’ve learnt in school. One of your current favourites is:

One little, two little, three little Indians
Four little, five little, six little Indians,
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians,
Ten little Indian boys.

Ooh aah, ooh aah, shooting arrows
Ooh aah, ooh aah, shooting arrows

I know I’m gushing but I love it when you sing the ooh ahh bit about the arrows. WHY SO CUTE.


You’ve also been eating A LOT. You have a full dinner of rice, soup and fish at about 5pm+ and by 8pm, you’re asking for bread or biscuits. It scares us a little but I put it down to a growth spurt. Besides, better to have you eating than not eating, yes?

You have also discovered ice cream. You actually ask to have ice cream and usually, you get yogurt (not that you know – for now). You can gleefully finish a single scoop on your own (1) but when asked to share it with us, you do share one (tiny) bit.


Happy 32 months, Elliott. Grow well, grow strong, and grow happy!

Love you always,
Mummy xoxo


2 thoughts on “Note to Elliott – 32

  1. Gosh Noah and Elliott have a lot in common! Noah recently started watching Paw Petrol, and I’ve been hearing “Chase is on the case” quite a bit whenever I ask him to do something now. He hates the tags on his tees too, and I hate to tell you this, but he still hates them, even at 4.5 years old, so be prepared to keep cutting tags. Good luck to us mums!

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