note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 31

Dear Elliott,

I came across this article on Facebook and reading it made me bawl like a baby. It brought me right back to the days of us trying to get that bun in the oven. It’s been so many years but reading such challenging journeys never fail to strike a sharp chord in my heart. At 31 months, those days are far behind and feel like a lifetime ago. But we never, ever, for a minute, forget that you only became ours after what seemed like forever.

I am finding it hard to write these monthly notes to you these days because unlike your first year of birth, milestones were very visible. It was easy to write about when you first spoke your first word, or attempted your first flip. These days, you develop less physically (even though you are supposedly quite tall for your age, as many have told us) but more mentally and hopefully, emotionally.


We do, however, have one major milestone that I’d like to document. You are now able to tell us when you need to pee. There was nothing special that we did and once again, it is true what they say about how you will be ready when you are. And one day, just like that, you were ok with peeing into the toilet bowl while standing on a stool. Hip hip hooray! I am glad that we are on the way to going diaper-less finally because my dear son, those diapers are expensive!

You are now very capable of telling us exactly what you want, or don’t want. It’s always “Air-yiot do“, “Air-yiot eat“, “Air-yiot (whatever you want at that moment)“. Perhaps this ability to articulate what you want has lessened the need for you to throw tantrums. When you turned 2, I was bracing myself for the onset of the infamous Terrible Twos and I’m probably jinxing it but so far, you haven’t been too…terrible. Of course, you get upset when you don’t get your way but we have noticed that if we try and explain things to you, or reason it out, you get it and move on.

Just the other day, you surprised me when it was time for shower. As expected, you were reluctant to leave your toys but instead of screaming/crying, you coolly answered me: “Later. Later, mummy. Later“. I was gobsmacked, and amused at the same time. We have now also learnt that if we want you to do something, we have to give you a fair amount of (time) warning.


You are still very much into your vehicles. Diggers, dump trucks, concrete mixers, ambulance, and your two favourites? Tow trucks and car transporters. We don’t get to see many car transporters in Singapore so imagine how thrilled you were when we spotted 2 of them across the causeway recently. Every night, you are still picking out the vehicles-related books to read before bed. I am starting to wonder if this obsession with vehicles will last forever…!

You are also getting the hang of the bedtime routine. You know that after Mummy takes her shower, it is time for your milk, and for Daddy to read bedtime stories. Once that all is done and dusted, we turn off the lights and you curl up facing me and whisper: “Mummy sing 小宝宝 and do like this“. You sometimes also say Elliott tired” which is really quite adorable. 小宝宝 is a song that Daddy made up when you were much younger and it goes like this, sung to the tune of Brahm’s Lullabye:

明天起来才玩了 (repeat 2x)

Do like this” is me giving you a gentle back massage. I do notice that you enjoy massages and would usually drift off to sleep after a while. It’s also funny how sometimes, I end up falling asleep and stop singing. You’d then command ask “Mummy sing” and I’d have to sing again. I don’t deny that it is tiring sometimes because all I want to do is to sleep after a long work day but I remind myself that you will not remain this little for long and I am positive that one day, you will no longer need Mummy to sing you a lullabye to fall asleep.


You enjoy playing with Duplo and will use the pieces to fix (what else) different types of vehicles. I love how you get creative and play on your own, complete with running commentary. You are also a very lucky boy because you have so. many. toys! Check out that 2 huge boxes of Duplo that you own. Pffffft. I need to get down to sorting out the toys that you have outgrown (or barely touch) so that someone else can enjoy them.

Another milestone we clocked this month was watching a movie! Daddy’s company organised a movie screening for “The Secret Life of Pets” and we took you along. You hated the booster seat (and flung it to the floor) so you watched on our laps. We were apprehensive as to whether or not you’d survive the 90-minute show but you did! Well ok, you did get restless at the one hour mark and at one point, decided to sing at the top of your voice (!) but other than that, we survived your first movie experience! No more movies until you’re older and can appreciate the experience, my child.

Last but not least, I am happy to say that finally, FINALLY, after almost 7 months, you have FINALLY STOPPED CRYING at school drop off. These days, you give me a big hug (ok, it’s more like me giving you engulfing you in a huge bear hug), we kiss goodbye, say our “I love you!” (my heart still melts whenever you go “I love you Mummy“) and you walk in happily on your own. Sometimes, you’d even turn around and chirp: “Bye bye Mummy!

Oh how far we have come from the early days of screaming, kicking and crying. These days, you actually tell us that you want to go to school and see your friends which is such a huge difference from the early days of “Air-yiot no go school” (insert sad face here). Your teacher also tells us that you love to kay poh help by keeping a lookout for your younger classmates. My heart beams whenever I hear that you’ve been a helpful boy that listens and follows instructions.

You are also starting to use “Thank you” and “Sorry” at the appropriate moments. Of course, at times, you still get them mixed up but I think it is a very good start! It is very important that we mind our “Ps and Qs” and I am glad that at 31 months, you use them as part of your everyday language.


Happy 31 months, my 小宝贝. We love you so very much.

Big fat hugs,
Mummy xoxo


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