note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 29

Dear Elliott,

One of the major things I’ve noticed is how your vocabulary is expanding so quickly, I am finding it hard to keep track. The other day, we were in the lift on the way home when you surprised us by saying: “Mummy carry many things“. And you were right – I was carrying many things. You also like saying “Mummy so nice!” when I put on a work dress in the mornings. It is funny when I ask if Daddy is nice and you go: “Daddy not nice“. Alamak.


You’re still loving your swim classes. Sometimes, you take a little time to warm up but once you get into the groove, you’re unstoppable. You leap into the water without much regard for your own safety and I’ve had my heart in my mouth on too many occasions.

That one time, you were holding hands with your BFF to leap into the water but he made a premature leap and pulled you in. You plunged headlong into the water and in that one instance, my heart froze. So many things could have gone wrong – you could have hit your chin, or your face against the concrete. URGH.

Thankfully, you managed to surface quickly but that sudden unexpected move must have given you quite a shock. You burst into tears and looked for me for comfort. As I held you, I repeatedly said that it’s ok, and that it was an accident. My heart was soon filled with pride as you stopped crying after that quick burst and was happy to get back to your swim class. To see you pick yourself up so quickly after, made me a proud Mummy.


You have, in recent months, discovered the joys of pandan cake. To be more precise, pandan cake made by your Daddy. You LOVE them so much, you ask for them constantly. “Elliott eat pandan cake?“, you’d ask, whenever you spy a slice on the dining table. I have a hilarious video of you STEALING pandan cake off the dining table before stuffing said pandan cake into your mouth really quickly, all because I asked that you share a tiny bit of it with me. Pfffft.

At 29 months, you can now interact with Moon a lot better. You seem rather protective of Moon and would always include Moon as part of your family whenever we ask. Or we’d ask if you’d like to go for a walk and you’d always chime: “Walk with Daddy and Mummy AND MOON!“. It’s really sweet to watch you interact with her. You try and pat her head, and attempt to kiss her between the eyes. I have to state for the record that Moon is extremely patient with you and would allow you to do it even though she’s clearly quite comfortable.


You are getting pretty tall and I’ve been told on a couple of occasions that you are ‘tall’ for your age. We haven’t really checked, nor marked your growth on a  wall chart (we really should eh?) but I do know that these days, you’re all lean arms and legs.

You are co-sleeping on our bed, wedged between us. Growing up so quickly means that sometimes, your legs end up on my back, or you end up smacking my face with your palm as you rotate yourself 360 degrees throughout the night. I always wonder when you will be old (and brave enough) to sleep in your own bed and/or in your own room? On one hand, I love having you so close to me yet on the other, I do miss having our own space back.

Our bedtime routine has pretty remained the same where you take your last bottle of milk and we’d read you a couple of books. Some of your current favourites are “Lost and Found” where you’d squeal really excitedly whenever the penguin is found (so cute to watch). In fact, you enjoy the book so much, we headed to the bookstore to get you “How to Catch a Star” by the same author. You also enjoy “I Spy With My Little Eye (First Colours)” and we’d spend a considerable amount of time pointing out the different colourful creatures.


Speaking of colours, you are good with recognising colours at 29 months. You can also recognise all sorts of vehicles on the road and on our journey home each day, you’d point out all the vehicles excitedly and go: “Mummy look! Excavator” I guess we are lucky that in Singapore, these heavy vehicles ply our roads really often so it’s pretty easy to spot them on a daily basis.

The other day, Popo told me excitedly that she taught you how to spell your name and I was rather impressed that you can now spell your name. Well, kind of. You spell it with an extra “L” sometimes or forget the second “T” at the end but that’s ok. You’ve got lots of time to learn how to spell your name correctly, my child.


People talk about toddlers having irrational fears and recently, you suddenly fear going down the playground slide the ‘normal’ way. For the longer (and scarier) slides, you prefer to slide with your tummy down. I never quite found out why though! Maybe one day, you’d gain the confidence to slide ‘normally’ again.

You enjoy playing with sand and water, and can play quietly on your own for a bit. The downside is, you end up putting all of your favourite toys into the sand table which means that I end up having to wash out sand from a lot of toys that really should not get sand in them. Eeeeeks. We have also caught you, on a few rare occasions, trying to eat sand.


Happy 29 months, my little superhero. If only I can bottle you up and keep you small for just that little bit longer…

With all my love,
Mummy xoxo


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