Moon goes to the dentist

The last time we tried to get Moon’s teeth cleaned, it wasn’t very successful. Her breath still stank despite all the teeth brushing we did because of the plaque and tartar that has accumulated on her teeth. I was also concerned that the bad breath may be a sign of something more serious, health-wise. After she turned 9 years old, I decided that it was a good time to send her in for tooth scaling at the vet. Dr Lee at Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic came highly recommended and we managed to fix an appointment on the same day that we were taking Elliott to the clinic. How cute that both babies got their teeth cleaned on the same day. Hehe.

Their dental appointments were 1 hour apart with one being at Ghim Moh and the other at Novena. As Murphy’s Law would dictate, there was a torrential rain that morning which led to heavy traffic everywhere. Pfffft.


We finally made it to the vet and as you can see from her face, Moon wasn’t particularly looking forward to her dental appointment – not that she knows it.

We have been to quite a few vets and I must say that Gentle Oak has a lovely vibe to it. The nurses are friendly and smiley, and the entire waiting area was very pleasant and clean. I noted an unlit tea-light at a corner of the waiting area and there was a note that said that if the candle was lit, it meant that someone was saying goodbye to their pet and one should keep voice low. It struck me that it didn’t cost much to put up a sign with a tea-light but the level of empathy is high at this vet. This made me very pleased.


We did not have to wait long before it was our turn to speak to Dr Lee who was chirpy and upbeat. I could tell that she genuinely loved dogs (animals) as she cradled Moon and gave her kisses and hugs while telling her that all is ok. As it was our first visit, Dr Lee suggested that a blood test be done to ensure that her health is in order before putting her under GA for the tooth scaling procedure. We agreed and left her at the clinic at about 10.30am while we rushed off to make Elliott’s appointment at Novena.

At about 3ish, we received a call to say that Moon was done and we can pick her up between 4 to 5pm. I could also hear her howling/whining in the background – oops. We got to speak with Dr Lee who jokingly told us that Moon’s whining gave her a headache – hur hur. She also added that she is in good health and that all her vital organs are in perfect working order. Hip hip hooray!


The actual dental scaling costs $120 which is the norm but throw in the blood test and other miscellaneous, the total damage was close to $500 – OUCH. I console myself that this is a one-off procedure that will not be done anytime soon.


This girl now has nice shiny plaque and tartar-teeth. And thankfully, no more bad breath. Woohoo.






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