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Look who’s 9!

I was good this year – I remembered to place an order for Moon’s birthday early this year. As usual, we went to The Barkery and chose this lovely Dog Bowl Cake because I thought that she’d enjoy the treats that come in the ‘bowl’.

When we unboxed the cake, I gasped because…would you just look at the number of overflowing treats in the bowl?!! Moon is so very loved by the ladies at The Barkery (thank yoooou!).


This year, we celebrated it at a good friend’s home on a weekend (her birthday fell on a weekday). As usual, the birthday girl couldn’t wait to devour it but I made her take a gazillion photos first (but of course).



As per tradition, we took a family photo. I love looking back at the photos from Moon’s birthday each year because for each year that Moon is older, Elliott grows a bit more too. One year ago, Elliott looked like a little baby. Now, he’s a little boy!


We lit the ‘9’ candle and sang her birthday song with gusto. And guess who very enthusiastically helped to blow out Moon’s candle? Yes, Elliott. Of course. The boy snapped a video of it and I am sure it will remain a precious treasured memory in years to come.

We also make it a point to take a picture with her because it’s her special day. She’d always be our first (fur) baby!


Happy 9th birthday, dear Moon! We love you to the Moon and back! 


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