note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 28

Dear Elliott,

I find myself forgetting how many months you are these days. When people ask: “Oh, how old is Elliott?” I go: “Oh, he’s 27 months…or 28. Erm, he’s about 2 and a half years old.” It’s not that I don’t care anymore but the months are whizzing by so fast, I am finding it hard to  keep up.


At 28 months, you suddenly discovered the power of the word “no”. Everything is “no”.

Shall we take a shower? No.
Do you want to wear these shoes? No.
Put on pyjamas? No.
Read a book? No.
Go to school? No.

The other day, you were playing with some toy trains and when another boy came by and tried to play together, you pushed his arm away and went “NO!”. Your mother here was rather horrified, to say the least. That is not nice, I said firmly. Thankfully, you did (grudgingly) offer one train to the other boy after I asked you nicely. That, is very nice of you.


I try not to interfere when you interact with kids your age because I think you need to stand your own ground and find your way around this Scary Big World but sometimes, I forget and step in to remind you to play nice.

In my note to you last month, I gleefully wrote that you finally stopped crying at school drop off. I would now like to state for the record that all that unraveled because after I went away on a work trip for 7 days, you suffered from separation anxiety at school drop-offs again. It was truly heartbreaking to see you throw yourself on the floor, and clinging onto me for dear life with big fat tears streaming down your face.


I must have looked like a terrible mother, just throwing you at school and walking away but your lovely teacher kept me updated that you always stopped crying the moment I am out of sight! Thankfully, there were (very) bad days and there were good days where you’d happily do the health check and wave goodbye (!!). School drop-offs started to normalise again after a few days when you realised that Mummy and Daddy were not going away without you.

On the eating front, you are a leeeeetle bit more adventurous these days. You’d ask: “Mummy, eat rice please?” if you want some food. And yes, you are STILL loving your carbohydrates like me. You prefer noodles over rice, and even when you’ve had a proper dinner, you’d ask for spoonfuls of noodles if we are having some.

You’re still loving your swim classes and it warms my heart to see your progress each week. These days, you bravely leap into the water with zero fear and I hope that you don’t wake up one day and decide that you hate swimming (as I have heard from many friends).

You still enjoy reading time before bed and these days, you’d pick a book that you want. Your current favourite is ‘The Ultimate Book of Vehicles‘ that we must read at least twice every night. And yes, you are still in his vehicles phase. Less trains, more cars. Oh actually, you’re really big on “car transporters”. You LOVE them!


Ah, 28 months. It’s been quite a ride!

Love you lots,
Mummy xoxo


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