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Flying solo

Last month, I travelled to South Korea for a work trip. Before each trip, I am always apprehensive about leaving Elliott behind. To make things a little more complicated, the boy was flying out the same evening I arrive, also for work. We both rarely travel for work so talk about Murphy’s Law! Our flights would literally arrive and take off 5 minutes away from each other. Thankfully (or not), his epic flight to New York (via Frankfurt) was delayed for 4 hours so we managed to catch up with each other very briefly at the airport over drinks.

Each evening, we’d FaceTime (a big yeay to technology) and whenever Elliott go: “Mummy come, Mummy no go airplane“, my heart would ache for a bit. However, during the day when we were going about the tour, it felt nice to break out of routine.

Ever since I became a mother, it is sometimes easy to forget that pre-motherhood, we all had a life. A life that involved eating with both hands and adult conversations, amongst other things. I truly enjoyed the times when I was in South Korea, like looking at shop displays leisurely without having to keep a watch out for a tiny being running amok or the same tiny being attempting to knock over a mannequin.

As Yann writes here much more eloquently that I could have, it was nice just being me for 7 days. All said and done, I have to admit that towards the end of the work trip, I was looking forward to holding my not-so-baby-anymore baby in my arms again 🙂






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