note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 27

Dear Elliott,

I remarked to Daddy the other day that you are at such a joyful age. I was apprehensive about you turning 2 because of the dreaded “Terrible Twos” but so far, and I say that holding my breath, you have been…manageable. I have noticed that you do go from level 10 happiness to level negative-10 frustration in 0.35 seconds so if that’s what people meant when they say “Terrible Twos”, then yes, I believe we have experienced that.


In general, you are a happy and friendly child. You dish out hugs and kisses when asked to, and would wave goodbye enthusiastically. I love it when you cup my face in your hands before planting a kiss on my cheek (“kiss Mummy cheek“, you’d say).

You attended your last gym class last Sunday but I don’t think you were aware of that fact. You still ask to “go forward roll” (you insist on saying that despite us telling you that it is called the “gym”) but sweetie, whenever we take you to gym class, you refuse to take part in the activities, preferring to roll around the floor and yelling at no one in particular. When something catches your attention, you do it with a big happy smile but for some odd reason, when it is something that you do not enjoy, you simply lie on the floor and whine.

I have resorted to telling you to “stop whining please” and just the other day, you repeated it to me after whining in your car seat. I had to stifle a giggle. You were whining about something (too many to recall but it was something ridiculously mundane) and Mummy here was tired after day’s work. When we stopped at the lights, you suddenly went “stop whining please“, as if reading my thoughts. “Yes sweetie. Please stop whining. We are home soon“, I replied.


We chat on our way home in the evenings and you enjoy pointing out all the vehicles that you recognise – concrete mixer, dump truck, digger, crane truck, motorcycle, sports car, etc etc. I love it when you exclaim “Mummy rook!” (mummy look) with the curious, innocent excitement of a young child. You also love tow trucks and would tell me that “tow truck tow broken car!“. You also love waving goodbye to them by yelling: Bye bye concrete mixer! SEE YOU LATER! BYEEEEE!  So darn cute to watch.

You are still very much into your construction vehicles. No, scratch that. You are into ALL sorts of vehicles. Anything with wheels, really. You can say complicated words like ‘bulldozer‘, ‘excavator‘ and ‘car transporter‘. I bought you a set of wooden vehicle magnets and you would rattle off their names as I point at them. Another favourite of yours is to play with Duplo. You play quietly on your own and I love watching you construct cars, fire trucks, etc, out of your Duplo pieces.

At 27 months, you astound me at some of the things you do and say. Just the other day, you suddenly blurted out: “Mummy drink coffee.” But, Mummy doesn’t drink coffee, and I don’t ever remember teaching you the word ‘coffee’. Maybe it is a word you picked up from school, I’m not sure. I was just…floored. You also love exclaiming: “Oh no, what happened?“, complete with pained expression, and your latest phrase – “sooo CUTE!“. I confess that you picked up both phrases from me and you repeat it in the exact same tone I say it. Hur hur.


You have been doing very well at swim class. You can put your head underwater confidently, and swim a short distance towards us when instructed. You, my child, have no fear of the water. You walk around (dangerously) at the steps of the swimming pool and I always have my heart in my mouth because one misstep and you’re in the water. I have way too many videos of you at the pool because I am so proud of you.

I would also like to mark your 27th month but stating here for the record that from 30th May 2016, Monday, you stopped crying completely at school drop-off! Hip hip hooray! You were a happy chappy. You smiled at health-check, then walked through the gate on your own. No tears! And for the entire week, there were no tears at all. I guess (and hope) that you have finally wisened up to the school routine.


What I am going to write about next might embarrass you when you are old enough to read but it’s too cute not to mention it so here goes: You have a cute habit of running to a quiet corner when you need to poop. Ah Ma noticed it first and we now recognise that when you stop play suddenly and run off to stand beside the living room curtains (!) or other random corners, it is poop time. Hehe. We tried to start with a bit of toilet-training and we are seeing some results so in due time, we hope to save some (big) money on diapers.


Happy 27 month, Elliott. Please slow down on this growing-up business.My heart cannot cope.

Lots of love,
Mummy xoxo


3 thoughts on “Note to Elliott – 27

  1. Hi miss ene, just wanna say hi! It feels like I’ve been reading your blog since forever, with huge gaps in between. How time flies. I recall the blog post when you wrote about how it felt like to turn 26 (I was a few yrs shy of that then), and when the moment came for me to turn 26 myself, I thought of your blog.

    I stumbled accidentally across here again when googling ba zhen soup (weird, I know). And was pleased to see that you’ve gotten married and a really adorable kid! From reading the sweet monthly posts about Elliot, I realized that you had a challenging journey to have him in your world. Well, I’m facing the same issues myself, and am seeking investigations with my hubby on possible reasons why that’s so.

    So… Hi there. I hope one day, I’ll also have my miracle child and be able to write such chronicles of his first few years. 🙂

    1. Hey Elly! It made me smile reading your comment. Thanks for taking the effort to get in touch! I don’t even remember writing that entry about turning 26 (omg, so long ago…) so I shall go do a blog search after this. Hehe. Ah yes, our TTC journey was a rather challenging one, to put it mildly. If you wish to chat privately, email me at Happy to continue our conversation over there 🙂

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