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miss ene eats: Bincho

Bincho is so hip, it hurts. Or rather, it was so hip that un-hip me couldn’t find the entrance to the restaurant. They have 2 entrances – the main entrance is via a dark, dingy koptiam serving mee pok (apparently, the local film Mee Pok Man was filmed at this very kopitiam) and the back door leads to a large car park.

So yes, we walked into the kopitiam and I stood there trying to figure out how to get into the restaurant. I saw some chefs behind the grill so I asked and they pointed me to the small unobtrusive door that led to a buzzing small space with diners huddled around small tables.

We were lucky – there were empty seats at the bench towards the back of the restaurant. Check out the dark dim and hip interiors.


The menu comes in the form of a chalk board that the wait staff will hang in front of you. As Bincho is famous for their yakiyori, I decided to go with the Yakitori Don Set ($25) and the boy ordered the Bara Chirashi Kaisen Don ($40) set.


Elliott busied himself playing with the cutlery until our food arrived. I was a little concerned about his lunch because this child of mine only eats carbohydrates. What was he going to eat?!


The appetizers arrived very quickly and can I just add that the chicken drumlets with the tangy sweet sauce was absolutely delicious? I asked if Elliott wanted some chicken and after trying some, he kept asking for “somemore“.



This was all well and good but I did want them for myself too so there I was, torn between wanting to keep chicken for myself or sharing it with my child. #badmother.



The main course arrived and it did not disappoint. The boy enjoyed his Bara Chirashi Kaisen Don and the Yakitori had a lovely smokey after-taste. Very yummy! The meal also ended with green tea ice-cream that I had to fight over with my son because, well, ice-cream.


My 2 hipster boys at the back door of Bincho that leads to the carpark. See that very subtle gold letting signage on the left of the door?  VERY HIP.

We left with happy bellies and big wide smiles. Will be back again if we are in the vicinity! Make a reservation if you are keen to check it out because it gets crowded due to limited seating.

78 Moh Guan Terrace
Singapore 162078

Opening hours: 
Lunch -Tuesday – Sundays: 12pm – 3.00pm 
Dinner – Tuesdays – Sundays: 6pm till late
(Closed on Mondays)


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