note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 26

Dear Elliott,

Last night, I placed my hand gently on your back as you were in dreamland. Your slow and rhythmic heartbeat took me right back to the early days of pregnancy when we were anxious to hear if you had a strong heartbeat. Even at 26 months, that thump-thump-thump sound reassures me that you are well and here with us.

You have started school for about 2 months now but you still burst into tears at drop-off. A kind mother smiled at me a few weeks ago and told me that “sons will take a longer time to adjust” because according to her, her daughter took 1 week and her son took 6 months. To stop crying, that is. I’m just thankful that you do stop once I walk away and get happily involved in your school activities like doing crafts. Your teacher passed me a whole bunch of craftwork that you completed the past month or so.

This family tree art that you created with your palm prints got me emotional. It dawned one me that your hands are no longer as tiny. When did they get so big? I have almost forgotten how you sound like as a newborn and I really did wish I took more videos of your cooing and even your cries.


These days, we have cute little conversations on our drive home each day. We talk about the diggers (your favourite), the dump trucks, the clouds in the sky, the uncle on the motorcycle outside our car at the red light, and whatever else that catches your fancy.

I like to ask what you did at school and your answer is alwayssing ABCD“, “play” or “painting“. Whenever I ask who do you play with at school, you’d always answer “Isaac“. As it turns out, Isaac’s mum and I are colleagues and actually play netball together. What a small world eh? Although you have a few other classmates, you never mention anyone else except for Isaac. Your teacher tells me that the two of you play together most often. It is so sweet to see you forming your first friendships. This is only the start – you will meet people of all sorts as you go about life’s journey.

For as long as I can remember, you enjoy singing. At 26 months, you warble to yourself. You sing when we are in the car, or whenever you are playing on your own. You also make up random song lyrics and when feeling cheeky (which is often), you’d throw in the random word “baba“. I have no idea where you picked up the word from but it’s hilarious.

Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool
Yes sir yes sir
3 bags…baba!

You’d then laugh heartily to yourself and continue singing with gusto. I try and record as many videos as I can because I am sure this singing stint is not going to last forever.

Oh and I have to add on record that when I try and sing along with you, you get upset. You will yell “Noooo, Mummy no. Noooooo, mummy NOOOOOOOOOOOO….!” It makes me laugh that at the grand age of 2+ years old, your Mummy cannot sing with you. Tsk.

I’ve been warned about the Terrible Twos and the other day, I think I got a shade of it. There was a streak of bird poop outside the glass window. Maybe it was my fault but I pointed it out (note to self: DO NOT TALK ABOUT RANDOM BIRD POOP IN FUTURE) because I was trying to explain that when we get home, Uncle (we have an uncle who washes our car 3x a week at our carpark) will wash away the poop and the car will be clean again. You seemed to understand it and repeated “Uncle wash” but out of nowhere, you got really upset and started to yell “No bird poo poo. Nooooooo. No poo poo. Noooooo, mummy nooooooo“. I’d be honest – I did not know whether to laugh or cry because my dear child, why did you get so upset over…bird poop? It wasn’t even on your head. It was outside the window.


We have decided to stop your gym class sessions even though you are still enjoying it. In fact, you are getting too good at the swing bars that Teacher Paolo, your lovely gym teacher, will get you to demonstrate the move. However, there are very good days and very bad days at gym class. On good days, you are such a joy. You hang on bars, roll on the floor, play with the hoop. On bad days, you lie on the floor when everyone is doing warm-up exercises and scream “noooooo“. You also cling onto me and refuses to do any of the routines. Daddy thinks that we will stop for now when your term ends so that you can try something else.

On the home front, you can play quietly on your own and I have since discovered that kinetic sand play is the best thing ever. You play quietly with your little construction vehicles for almost 30 minutes which is an eternity in a toddler’s world. Sometimes, you get too quiet and when I peek in, you are deep in concentration getting your digger to transfer sand to the dump truck. It is really very cute to watch. You also like to invite us to “Mummy play sand” and instruct us on which vehicle to use (“Mummy play dump truck“).


I would also like to state on record that just the other day, you came out of the room and said “Bubu eat sand” which made my heart stop for a nano-second. Yes, dear son, you ate some kinetic sand and despite my best efforts, I think you swallowed some. It’s been a week or so and nothing has happened health-wise so that’s a relief. But please. No more sand-eating. It is not like we don’t feed you enough.

Your Ah Ma takes very good care of you and makes you these nutritious meals with soup, rice, vegetables, fish, the works. I am always assured when you are over at her place because you eat better at Ah Ma’s house than at home. You enjoy noodles A LOT. Noodles include Japanese ramen, chinese la mian, local mee tai mak and kway teow. We have discovered that you lurve Ippudo’s ramen, just like Mummy. You’d keep asking for “somemore” and we were glad that Ippudo now offer a kid’s set meal for $10 that includes a small bowl of tonkatsu ramen, potato salad and onigiri. You ate up the onigiri (sans seaweed) and half a bowl of ramen which is quite a bit for a little guy like you! Daddy snapped this precious picture of you being extremely excited that WE HAVE NOODLES! YEAY!


Other than noodles, you have also discovered the wonderful joys of ice-cream. I had to gobble down my dark chocolate ice-cream the other day because you went “yum yum” with a crazy-happy expression and kept asking for “somemore?“. You are also starting to be a bit more adventurous and would ask to try “chicken“. I say “chicken” because all types of meat (pork, chicken, beef, etc) is labelled as “chicken” in your world. We ate at Bincho a few weeks back and you really enjoyed the chicken appetizer.

You can also self-feed pretty well these days and would insist on “Bubu eat” which basically means: I will feed myself, thank you very much. You will also get me to remove any errant bits of food in your bowl that you do not want (e.g. bits of vegetables, etc). I guess I really should not complain because your Mummy here was is a picky eater. Did someone say karma?

At 26 months, you are well aware of Moon’s existence and would try and play “fetch” with her by throwing her ball and yelling “Moon GO!“, just like we do. You also try and pet and hug her, much to Moon’s chagrin. You like greeting Moon like we do when we get home with a cheerful “HI MOON!” which is really adorable in my books.


You have also taken a liking to wearing our shoes around the house which makes for a very funny sight. You also enjoy playing with Duplo and we are pleasantly surprised by the power of your imagination. I hope you never lose the beauty of play and imagination.

Last month also saw you taking your 3rd real holiday (1st trip to Batam don’t really count) to Taiwan. You are truly a lucky kid to have travelled for the 3rd time on a plane before your 3rd birthday! This time round, your Ah Gong and Ah Ma came along to help chase after you. Even with 4 adults, it was still exhausting travelling with you, Mr Cannot Sit Still For 10 Seconds. Still, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.


This month also saw us celebrating Mother’s Day. Please know that no matter how old you’d be, I feel forever privileged and blessed to have you call me “Mummy”. We will never forget the journey we took to have you in our lives and one day, my child, one day, we will tell you all about it.


Here’s wishing you a very happy 26 months, cheeky bu-pants. We love you dearly and forever.

Mummy xoxo


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