miss ene cooks: Ginger scallions pork

This entry sat in my draft for the past few weeks and it’s always better late than never so ta-dah!


Can you tell that I’m on a roll? I guess I’m just quite tired of eating “da bao” food of fried rice, hor fun, Hong Kong noodles, etc. Besides, I realised that homecooked soups are really quite easy! You just need the correct ingredients and time to boil it sufficiently.

Over the weekend, I had leftover pieces of pork as well as spring onions that will wilt. Decided to make ginger scallions pork or more commonly known locally as 姜葱猪肉. I have to say that I had to google the difference between spring onion and scallions.

It is THE SAME, people.

So yep, I made 姜葱猪肉, lotus root soup with peanuts and stir-fried vegetables with mushrooms (anyhow fry with oyster sauce with no recipe).


I’m sorry, I don’t have a nicely-styled picture because I was starving and I just wanted to EAT IT ALL UP so here you go.



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