Virus attack – Episode #2

As expected, Elliott fell ill again. I am just thankful that he remained healthy throughout our 10-day holiday in Taiwan because honestly, falling ill here is better than falling ill in a foreign country.

18 April, Monday

Elliott went back to school on Monday. He was pretty happy and chirpy but I did notice that he was coughing slightly.

20 April, Wednesday

He was starting to cough badly in the middle of the night. We resorted to turning off the aircon because we thought that the cold air was irritating his throat. This also meant that the room was sweltering which did not make for good sleep.


21 April, Thursday

Decided to keep him out of school as by this time, his cough was bad and whenever he sneezed, yellow snot would be coming out of his nose (and sorry about the graphic description!). When I picked him after work, the MIL was concerned and said that perhaps we should take him to the doctor’s. Also, his voice was hoarse from all that coughing – poor chappy!

Took him to see our family doctor who gave him a slightly stronger medicine that helps open up the airways, as well as another bottle of liquid to get rid of the phlegm. He also advised us to continue with the kids Flumicil that we have been giving him. Before bedtime, I also used the nose spray and Snot Sucker.



22 April, Friday

He woke up looking a lot more rested. Thanks to the meds, he managed to sleep better. In fact, he only coughed violently once at about 2.30am before falling back asleep after I turned off the aircon (it was set to 25 degrees). He was also coughing a lot lesser when I left for work so for that, I am glad.


I hope you feel better soon, my little bubu-pants!


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