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miss ene goes to Taiwan

We are back and I am proud to say that we survived 10 days of travelling around Taiwan with a cannot-keep-still, need-to-touch-everything-in-sight toddler. There are too many pictures to sort through, way too many laundry cycles to do, and the house look like a tornado blew threw it. There are piles of random stuff littered all around and honestly, I am a little daunted at packing away everything that we I bought.

I think we might have overdone the shopping just a tad. Between the 3 of us, we bought 12 pairs of shoes. The boy would like me to add that he only bought 2 pairs, the rest belonged to me and Elliott.

Let’s put it this way – we left with one luggage and on the way to the airport, our driver guide had to stop by a shop to let us buy a new luggage to fit everything in. Hur hur.

Speaking of luggage, our trip started rather eventfully. We had ONE luggage for the 3 of us and everything was in there, i.e. Elliott’s clothes, milk powder, diapers, stand-by medicine, etc. Some blur sotong took our luggage by mistake (!) so we ended up running around Taichung buying diapers, milk powder, change of clothes, etc. Amazingly, by some stroke of good luck, the guy who took our luggage was also coincidentally in Taichung (!!) so by the time we got back to the hotel (about 10pm), our luggage was waiting for us at the hotel reception. That night, I went to bed feeling absolutely thankful and relieved. And on that related note, please buy travel insurance whenever you travel because this is the first time such a situation has happened to me and if we had really lost our luggage, travel insurance would have covered the cost. Another important lesson: To carry onboard one day’s supply of Elliott’s stuff in a separate bag!

We had 4 adults to 1 kid (the in-laws came along) and it was more of an extended family holiday since the in-laws’ last trip to Taiwan was….for their honeymoon (!!). We did the following routine:

  • Taichung x 2 nights
  • Cinjing x 1 night
  • Miaoli’s Flying Cow Ranch x 2 nights
  • Yilan x 2 nights
  • Taipei x 2 nights

On hindsight, I might have been a little too ambitious in trying to do too many cities. If I were to plan it again, I would definitely keep it to a maximum of 3 cities over 10 days. Just to slow down the pace a little. I do feel like I need a lie-on-the-beach, do-nothing holiday now!



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