note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 25

Dear Elliott,

I’d be honest upfront – I completely forgot that you turned 25 months yesterday. It wasn’t until pretty late in the evening when I suddenly said to Daddy: “Eh, I just realised that Bubu is 25 months today!” I guess time flies when you are having fun holds true. Well, either that or the fact that Mummy here has been busy on the workfront and when weekends come around, we hang out with you and before you know it, you’ve hit another month-stone.

Unlike your first year of birth, I don’t have any earth-shattering new milestones to record. The only key milestone to note is you starting school. You started off well but as we all know by now, the dreaded “childcare illness” hit and you were sick for what seemed like forever. In fact, you are still nursing a slight cough at this point and I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that you don’t pick up another bout of virus.

I must say that I am pretty relieved that you have (kinda) stopped crying at school drop-offs in the mornings. It took you less than a month to wise up to the fact that this school-going business is here to stay. I say “kinda” because you still tear but they are little tears and not the big fat dramatic ones that you shed when we first started school. Mondays are hard because we have spent the entire weekend together and when we ask if you’d like to go to school on Sunday evenings, your answer is always a resounding “No“.


You are still a very curious and active child who would climb anything and everything. You can also play quietly on your own with your collection of cars, trucks, planes, etc. You love to shout “Fire! Fire!“, then take your firetruck and put out an imaginary fire at a random corner of the house. It is really cute to watch. Sometimes, you need some help with extracting a random toy that has gone under the sofa, and will say “Mummy/Daddy help!“.

You also enjoy cutting up your wooden fruits and would offer them to us to “eat”. Sometimes, Moon get a portion of your “cut fruits” as well. You also like to self-feed (“bubu eat“) and will get upset if we attempt to feed you.

You have discovered that stickers are fun but enjoy peeling them apart more than actually admiring them. These days, I find random stickers stuck all over the house. You also appreciate that stickers and stamps on your hands mean that you have done something well and look forward to having them.


The other day, I peeked in on you when it was a little too quiet. I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were sitting on the floor, “reading” a book quietly. I sat observing you from a distance and noticed that you were flipping each page in order until you reached the end of the book. It made my heart swell that you enjoy reading (I hope!) as much as your parents do.

You can also answer questions like “What is your name?” (Elliott!) and “How old are you?(2 years old!). You used to say “Ok” to everything because you couldn’t pronounce the “s” word but these days, you’ve wised up to saying “Yes” instead of “Ok“.

Me: Did you go to the playground today?
You: Yes!
Me: Did you go on the slide?
You: Yes! Slide go down!
Me: Did you play with your friends?
You: Yes!

I want to also put on record here that Mummy is still your #1. I cannot use the toilet without you looking for me. If I walk away from you, the fat tears will fall, along with dramatic cries of “Mummyyyyyy“. I wonder if you’d still look for Mummy when you’re 18 years old 🙂


You are still co-sleeping with us and I am not sure how long you will remain in our bed but I love it when you snuggle against me and we all drift off to sleep together. I guess we will move you to your own bed when you are ready but for now, I love that you are close to us physically. You probably will not remember this but when you stir, you automatically reach out to hold onto my arm gently, as if being comforted by the fact that I am close to you.

Your bedtime routine hasn’t changed – you take a shower, change into pyjamas, play with your toys for a bit before saying good night to all of them (“goo-nigh choo-choo-train, goo-nigh truck, goo-nigh cars…”). We’d then lie in bed together for bedtime stories. Your current favourite is titled “On the Construction Site” and if we dare try and read another book, you get upset. Pfffft. You still like “The Gruffalo” and “The Gruffalo’s Child”. I am always in awe at your ability to memorise the storyline. I love leaving out the last word from each sentence so that you can say it out loud. Reading bedtime stories with you nuzzled against my shoulder is a memory I will never ever want to forget.

I recently taught you how to “rub noses” and I love that you ask for it over and over again (“again?“, you’d say). I want to remember these little moments because one day, you will decide that rubbing noses with Mummy is not cool anymore.


Happy 25 months, my dear Elliott. We love you very much!

Mummy xoxo


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