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No-tears dropoff

This is a quick blog entry to remind me that there were no tears or sobs of “Mummyyyyy!” at school drop-off this morning.

Altogether now: Hip hip HOORAY!

So my child decided to do a big poop on the way to school this morning so I had to walk him to the school’s bathroom to wash him up. He happily showed me where he washes his hands (part of the morning routine) and after I dressed him, I was half expecting the tears to flow but instead, he marched happily towards the breakfast area on his own, leaving me slightly gobsmacked.

There was a bit of whining at the start but no tears. He also insisted to take his trucks along with him to school and I have learnt to let him be. Better than a crying fest/meltdown, I say. Besides, it was easy to hide the toys once he was suitably distracted (the school does not recommend bringing their own toys).

I wanted to do a little victory dance on the spot but instead, I smiled at his teacher and took my leave quickly. I have to admit that I peeked in at him from the outside and saw that he was taking a cautious bite into what looked like a piece of kueh.

And for the first time, I walked out of the school feeling joy in my heart.




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