Virus attack – Episode #1

We have all heard about the dreaded illnesses that come with starting play school. I started to load Elliott up with multivitamins a couple of months back in preparation for this onslaught of new germs and what nots that come with being surrounded by many other little ones. I was also bracing myself mentally for the illnesses to hit.

I am documenting these to see just how many times Elliott will fall ill from school. Here you go, I present to you, Episode #1.

9 March, Wednesday

So Elliott started school for 3 days and on the evening of the 3d night, he started sniffling. Ah, here it comes, I thought. We kept him away from school on Thursday because by then, he was sneezing out huge globs of snot and other unmentionables.

10 March, Thursday

Took him to see our family doctor on Thursday night and was given the usual meds for runny nose and cough.

13 March, Sunday

As the days went by, I thought that he would get better but instead, on Sunday, he developed a fever. Oh dear dear me. We gave him the usual liquid paracetamol but once the medicine’s effect wore off, the fever returned with a vengeance.

15 March, Tuesday

Finally, after one particularly bad night of sleep for all 3 of us because he was burning up at 38-39ish and we were up trying to sponge him with a wet cloth (he screams blue murder if we even try and use the fever patch), the boy suggested that we see a PD.

We headed to another branch of Kinder Clinic since it was open after 7pm and managed to see the doctor only after a short 15 minutes wait. Apparently, we were really lucky. Once we were done, the entire waiting room was filled with 7-8 groups of families!

By this time, Elliott’s snot has turned yellowish and he was coughing his lungs out. The poor chap looked exhausted from all that hacking. We thought that the PD will prescribe him with some antibiotics or stronger meds but he cooly checked his throat, ears, chest, etc and then declared: “Ah, he’d be fine! He’s ok!”

Whut? Fine? My poor kid has been coughing with 39.5 degree fevers, Mister!

He cooly explained that this is the body’s way of reacting to fighting the virus and that we should simply ‘let it be’. To assure us, he prescribed some medicine to help with phlegm, as well as a bottle of antibiotics to ‘standby’. He added that if he is still not well by Friday, we can then administer the antibiotics.


He also said that it was important that we administer the Sterimar nose spray 4x a day to flush clear his throat so that it does not irritate it, leading to a cough. Unfortunately, it is a busy period for me at work so I have had to send him to my in-laws to care for him. It will be hard for them to administer the spray so I can only do it in the evenings when we are home.

18 March, Friday

I finally take the day off to care for my poor sick child. Thankfully, last evening was the first time in a few days that he was not running a fever in the evenings. I am also faithfully using the nose spray on him and using the “SnotSucker” on him. Just one of the many things I now do as a mother. As gross as it sounds, it does actually clear up a lot of snot which helps him to breathe and sleep properly. I am, in fact, typing this entry as he takes his afternoon nap.

I do hope that he is on the mend and we can get back to the school routine on Monday. He attended school for 3 days and was sick for 7 days! Alamak. Yes, I do know that these episodes are all part and parcel of starting school but wow, he has taken more than a week to get back on the mend. I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed that the next few episodes will be less severe.



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