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Elliott turns 2

It wasn’t too long ago when we celebrated Elliott turning 1 with a big party and his first visit to the zoo. This year, there was no big party. Instead, on the evening before his actual birthday that fell on a Thursday, his adoring fans, i.e. both sets of his grandparents, came over to our place for a little sing-song-eat-cake celebration. In fact, his adoring best-Yiyi-in-the-world came straight from the airport just to be part of the celebrations.


As the little man is totally into his trucks, diggers and (cement) mixers, I decided to order him a cake that’s made to look like a construction site. All parties, big or small, need some balloons so I got a “dump truck balloon bouquet” from Party Wholesale Centre (which is actually part of BBQ Wholesale Centre).


Side note: The 5-piece balloon bouquet cost me $33.90 (self-collection from their Frankel Avenue outlet) which is really reasonable. Some of these helium balloons cost $20+ on their own!

The boy – bless his heart – went to 3 separate places just to get dinner for everyone. I got home after work and went about putting up the birthday banner ($2 from Tokutokuya, a Daiso-type shop) and assembling his birthday cake.


Yes, I assembled his cake. I cannot bake a proper cake because I’m lazy too busy. Besides, why bake when you can buy? I got the Lucas Cake from Mrs Ergül Delish Treats because her cakes are all-natural with none of the bad stuff. Also, who doesn’t like chocolate, right? I also decided that a 2-year-boy will be more interested in what’s on the cake than the actual cake itself.

Got a 5-piece set of CAT mini machines from Toys R Us ($19.95) and stuck them on the cake itself. For the sign, I simply google-ed and used Powerpoint to “design” it before printing it out using a coloured printer and sticking it on a satay stick. Candles were from a random shop.


It was such a joy seeing Elliott’s face light up at the sight of his “digger” cake. I have a treasured video clip of him waving his hands about in glee and screeching in delight. Can’t wait to show it to him when he’s older. There’s also this other clip where he smiled shyly as we sang him the birthday song, once in English and once in Mandarin. Check out his adoring fans.


He surprised us all by clapping at the end, and blowing out the candle one by one. He has wised up to the idea that when there’s a candle on a cake, it needs to be blown out. Truth be told, he was more interested in the CAT mini machines than the cake itself which is why I’m glad we didn’t spend too much on a fancy cake. There are many birthdays to be celebrated ahead and he can choose his own cake when he’s older.

2016 03 02 - Celebrating Elliott's 2nd birthdayHappy 2nd birthday, dear Elliott. You are so very loved!


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