note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 23

Dear Elliott,

You are one month shy of turning 2 years old. At 23 months, you are a delightful little boy who loves singing to yourself and making up random lyrics to some of your favourite tunes.

You are also starting to string sentences together. The other day, you surprised me when you uttered: “Bubu eat noodle” while stuffing your face with some mee suah. I want to also state for the record that at 23 months old, your Current Favourite Food is no longer Rice. They’re now Noodles. It’s “noodle!” whenever I ask if you’d like some food. You squeal in delight whenever you see noodles on the table. You are still on your fish porridge diet which you still love which I guess is great for getting some sort of vitamins and protein into your growing body. You will spit out fish pieces if you taste them but will happily chew bak kwa and prawn crackers. Pfffft.


All this time, we have been co-sleeping with you wedged between us. Your poor bed has been languishing in a corner so we decided to move you to your own bed. The first few nights were a bit challenging as you woke up in the middle of the night and crawled back in-between us. On the 3rd night, you managed to sleep through on your own bed – hip hip hooray! You were even referring to your bed as “Bubu bed“.


Unfortunately, our happiness was shortlived. For some odd reason, for the following nights, you started to scream and yell the moment we tried to get you onto your bed. You screamed blue murder and no matter how we cajoled, you simply refused to go back to sleeping on your own bed again. So yes, we are back to square one, co-sleeping again. I don’t really mind though, to be honest. I do enjoy being so close to you when you are asleep and I am also consciously aware that one day, you won’t want to be so close to Mummy and Daddy anymore. I love that you wake up beaming at me because nothing makes me happier than to start a day seeing a huge smile on your face.

Speaking of sleeping, you randomly decided that you do not like sleeping at night and our bedtime routine becomes filled with frustration as you choose to roll around and do forward rolls while we get stressed at trying to get you to sleep because it is already 11pm (!). On hindsight, I suspect it may have been your bottom (last) 2 canines poking through because they have since erupted. We have also started you on a 2-hour nap routine in the afternoons instead of letting you nap for as long as you like. We like to think that if you don’t “over-sleep” in the afternoons, you should be able to sleep easier at night.

We also started a bedtime routine that involves us reading to you. You love the book “Home Sweet Home” and “Fame In The Fast Lane” which is part of the Disney Cars series. We tried reading nursery rhymes like “Red Riding Hood” and “Three Little Pigs” but no, you would repeatedly ask for “hom-swee-hom!” and “far-lane!


These 2 books aren’t exactly bedtime-friendly so I got you new books, i.e. “The Gruffalo” and “Good Night, Good Night, Construction Site” (because you are obsessed with diggers, trucks, mixers, and the likes). Thankfully, you enjoy these 2 books as well and have learnt how to whisper “goo-nigh” to the different vehicles at the construction site. You are obsessed with The Gruffalo though, making Daddy read it at least 3 times each night. Hur hur.

You can verbalise what you want or feel these days. The other day, you got a little cut on your finger. It was no biggie – a really tiny superficial cut. But wow, you should have heard yourself get all dramatic over it. “Paaaaaain!“, you’d say to me with an equally pained and anguished face expression. I would then kiss it better and on some days, you’d go off and play again. On others, you continue to wallow in self-pity and look like you got your finger sliced off. Pfffft. Why so drama, my child.


This month also saw you wailing your head off whenever I drop you off at your Ah Ma’s. Nothing has changed in our routine, dear boy, but Monday mornings are particularly bad. You cling onto the car seat and screech “Mummmmmmyyyyyy!” as if I am feeding you to wild dogs in the jungle. Every single time you cry like that, I have to steel my heart and drive off with a heavy heart. My friends tell me that this is all normal and it will “get better”. I do hope so too. Your Ah Ma reports that you usually stop crying the moment you get into the lift so that’s a big comfort to me.

With Chinese New Year round the corner, we took you for a much-needed hair trim. I have put it off as long as I can because the last time we took you, you screamed the shop down and it was too traumatic for me. It was not a surprise to me then, that you screeched the shop down again this time round. This also means that you ended up with a lopsided haircut which I hope will grow out by the time the festive period comes around. Daddy took a video of you crying your eyes out so please ask me for it when you’re old enough to read this.

You are still loving your gym classes and is getting more confident on the hanging bars, as well as the beam. Just the other day, you bravely walked unaided across the beam when previously, you refused to let go of our hands. We are so proud of you, bubu!


This month also saw you visiting the Jurong Bird Park for the very first time. I took a day off from work and together with Por Por, we headed to see the birds. We didn’t spend too long at the park though because the weather wasn’t very cooperative and it started to rain soon after. I suspect you much prefer looking at fish actually.



You won’t remember this but you splashed about in your first rain puddle. After a particularly heavy downpour, we took you downstairs and you had lots of fun running across rain puddles. At one point, you decided that it would be a good idea to sit in the puddle, much to my horror (and amusement).


I do not know if you are hitting the correct milestones in terms of development, nor are you the “correct” height or weight because I’ve stopped checking. I just know that you are generally a happy and healthy child, save for the usual cold and cough once in a while which I like to think is good for building immunity!


Next month will be an exciting one as we embark on a new routine with you start playgroup. I get a little teary-eyed when I tagged your water bottle and prepared your school bag (just for fun) so I am not sure how I will cope when you start school for real.

Till then, happy 23 months, my child. I love you very much.

With love,
Mummy xoxo



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