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Date night: Ip Man 3


We both cannot remember the last time we watched a movie. We can’t even remember what movie it was. It was that long ago! When the boy went to pick up tickets for the show, he exclaimed: Phwah, when did movie tickets cost so much? ($12.50)

Yep, we haven’t been to the movies in a longgggg time. I decided that it was time to catch one and instead of catching Star Wars: The Force Awakens (because I might actually fall asleep because me is no Star Wars fan), I decided that we’d catch Ip Man 3 instead. It also helped that we have a cinema located a stone’s throw away from our home.

Thanks to my mum who agreed to extend her baby-sitting hours,  we caught the 7.20pm show after a simple dinner of Yong Tau Foo and some adult talk.

I enjoyed the movie very much. Critics have said that the 3rd instalment in the Ip Man series has less fight scenes but I enjoyed seeing the vulnerable and emotional side of the man. I shan’t spoil it for you if you intend to catch it but I found myself tearing which led the boy laughing at me. Yep, I teared at a kungfu movie.

We rushed home immediately after the show and the little man was thankfully, asleep by then. These date nights are lovely but I can never shake off the feeling of guilt that I am extending the babysitting hours of Elliott’s kind grandmas. Oh well.


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