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What does the moon say?

On our drive home from the in-laws one evening, I play the “What does it say?” game with Elliott.

Me: What does the cow say?
Elliott: Moo!
Me: What does the cat say?
E: Meow!
Me: What does the digger say?
E: Chug Chug!
Me: What does the ambulance say?
E: Bee-boo-bee-boo!

This goes on for a while when I decided to throw him a curveball.

Me: What does the moon say?
E: *pauses for a split second* Mooooooooooooooon!

Such silliness, such joy.


2 thoughts on “What does the moon say?

  1. Kids are just too witty these days! This reminded me of the time I asked my nephew about how many sides certain shapes have. I decided to throw him not one but TWO curve balls!
    1) How many sides does a circle have? He replied: Circle is round don’t have sides!
    2) How many sides does an Octopus have? He replied: “…Octupus is NOT a shape!!!!” Hee hee… #cheekyaunty

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