miss ene checks out: Royal Pets Paradise

Moon was looking like a true furball (i.e. ball covered in a lot of fur) so I decided that it was time for a full grooming session. We used to send her to Woofy’s Corner whose groomer, Joyce, did a wonderful job with Moon. However, they were located at Kovan and it is quite a distance to travel.



I did some research via the Singapore Schnauzer Club page on Facebook and the name Royal Pets Paradise (RPP) cropped up a few times. Apparently, they are good at grooming mini schnauzers. They are located conveniently 10 minutes away from where we live so I decided to check them out.

When I arrived, the groomer who would work on Moon, Joann, smiled at me as I walked through the glass door. That’s a good sign, I thought. She also asked what kind of cut I was looking for and gave some suggestions on what she thought would suit Moon’s body frame. She also informed me that she’d give me a call about 15 minutes before Moon is done so that I can make my way back to the shop.

I dropped her at about 4pm and it was close to 6pm when she was done. We were a little early so we hung around the outside of the shop for a while. Moon was pretty sharp though – she spotted me peeking at her from the side.


We were surprised – in a good way – at how different Moon looked. She looked like a puppy again! And I like that the fur on her back is kept short for easy maintenance. Also, her general look is “balanced”. We have been to groomers who gave her an unbalanced cut where her head looked smaller than her body. I also like that she did not smell too artificially-scented.


I paid $55 for the full grooming session which is pretty reasonable, in my opinion. They have an option of membership at $20 (if I remember correctly) and the price drops to $50/session.

It is hard to find groomers that genuinely care and like dogs so I am glad that our experience at RPP was good. I am always a little nervous whenever we send her to a new groomer because there are too many horror stories out there about unqualified and horrible groomers (think: tongues being cut off, coming home with fleas, etc).


I guess we’d be back!


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