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Kids Dash 2015

I remember watching the boy cross the finishing line the Standard Chartered Marathon way back in 2006. While waiting for him, I watched all the little ones do the Kids Dash and thought to myself if I would ever get the chance to run in that race with my own child one day.

This year, that little thought in my head came true. I signed Elliott up for his very first Kids Dash event. This was also the first time that it would be held one day before the actual Standard Chartered Marathon (on a Saturday). It was also the first time that the event is held at the Sports Hub.

On the morning of the race, I made my little runner pose in front of our Christmas tree. It was decided that I would run the race with Elliott and Daddy would be photographer.

We packed everyone onto our bikes and off we went. Yes, Moon came along too 🙂

There were loads of other little runners milling around the Sports Hub, having completed their race. Elliott belonged to the 0-3 years category and official flag-off was at 9.45am. The little runner is fueling up for the race…with yogurt drops.

Daddy and Moon wished us good luck, and after a quick photo, we entered the race pen.

We managed to get to almost the front of the pack and I must say that I was rather impressed that Elliott did not yell at having to wait around for a bit. He was quite happy to soak in the atmosphere and quietly looked at everything that was happening around him. Ok, at one point, he did stray beyond the starting line but that was it.

After waiting around for what seemed like forever (it was probably only about 10 minutes or so), the race began. Off we go!

The Kids Dash route is only 700 metres long but for a wee little man, it must have felt like 7km! Along the way…

we stopped for more yogurt drops…

picked up some random leaf…

waved to Daddy and Moon…

got a little cranky (and I had to carry him for a bit)…

stopped to admire the encouraging boards…

the little runner started to get tired…

I had to keep encouraging him to “keep going, Elliott!” I must say that I was really proud of him for not giving up and remaining cheerful despite the heat and crowd.

Finally, we saw the finishing arch in the distance and we crossed it together, hand in hand.

Have you ever seen a more sulky medal winner? This silly boy refused to have the medal around his neck. He promptly removed it and chucked it on the floor.


We made our way to regroup with the boy and Moon. The heat was taking a  toll on everyone so it was time to head home for a much needed shower an rest.


And that medal? It went on display….as a Christmas tree ornament.


Well done, my little man. Let’s do it again in 2016? 🙂


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