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SSO Babies’ Prom 2015

We took Elliott to his very first SSO Babies’ Prom last weekend. Apparently, tickets sell out really quickly so I was really kiasu and grabbed them on the first day it went on public sale.

The concert was held at the newly-refurbished Victoria Concert Hall and what a beauty it is! We were running a little late because the little man was napping but managed to get there about 10 minutes before 4pm.

If you are used to the SSO and Victoria Concert Hall being serious and “stuffy”, you’d be in for a shock. The SSO Babies’ Prom is possibly the only time when the 2 words are not used in the same phrase. There were little ones of all ages, from tiny babies, to gregarious kids stomping their feet along to the conductor on stage. This event is recommend for children below the age of 6 and children below the age of 2 years, like Elliott, goes free! However, because he did not have a seat, he had to sit on my lap throughout the show.

The conductor, Uncle Peter, is a jolly fellow whose joy and presenting style makes it hard not to join in. Here, he is introducing the entire orchestra who were dressed casually in colour-coordinated polo tees. Each section is dressed in a different colour.

The little man was not too impressed. In fact, he kept looking at the rest of the kids behind us, instead of what was happening on stage. We came to the conclusion that he’s more of a rock and pop kid. 🙂

The concert only lasted about an hour and they played popular tunes like the theme song from Jaws, the Imperial March from Star Wars, as well Offenbach’s Can-Can from Orpheus in the Underworld: Overture. For the last piece, some lucky children were picked from the audience to conduct the orchestra. Our friend, Yi Lin’s daughter, Colette, was one of the lucky few. That’s her on the podium. SO SO CUTE!

She was as cool as a cucumber and conducted the orchestra perfectly. No stage fright at all, this brave little girl. BRAVO!

The highlight of all SSO Babies’ Prom must be the grand finale where they allow the kids to go on stage to watch the orchestra play. What a treat it must be! At first, I did not think we’d get a chance to get on the stage at all because oh wow, these parents are fast and furious! But after about 30 seconds of deliberating, I decided what the heck, I’d just take Elliott and see if he gets to go on the stage. Apparently, there is a limit to the number of kids that they allow on stage.

When we eventually made our way to the front, a kind usher offered to take Elliott’s hand and she showed him the double-bass section. I did not have my phone with me but to see him watching the musicians intently filled my heart with happiness. Such curiosity! I was expecting him to turn around to look for me but no, he was completely engrossed. The kind usher also took him towards the back of the orchestra where he continued to stare spellbound. One of the official photographers from SSO did capture this shot with our little man at the side:

I guess we’d be back again next year! Here’s a video highlight of the event from the SSO Facebook page.



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