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Christmas tree – 2016 version

Our Christmas tree has arrived! I was advised not to order it too early or it’d be half dead by the time Christmas Day comes around so our tree only arrived in the last week of November.

It was our first time ordering a live tree from Far East Flora and I must say that when I ordered the 4″ to 5″ version, I did not expect it to be….4″ tall! It was shorter than all the other live trees we’ve had from Ikea. Truth be told, I was a little disappointed at its size and to be honest, it did not look that much different from the Ikea ones that costs a fraction of the price.

Anyhoo, what’s done can’t be undone so we went about decorating our tree. This time round, we got help from the little one. Elliott was really curious when the tree arrived and kept repeating “mus-mus-tree” which is way of saying Christmas tree. I have also put up the very first ornament I made for his first Christmas from last year.

As you can see, he was very curious about the decorations. In fact, he was so curious that in less than 15 minutes, he managed to break 2 glass ornament balls. Pfffft. Oh well. Now we know – stick to non-breakable decorations!

For each decoration that we placed on the tree, he would remove one so I’d say that he was more of a hindrance than help. Hur hur. But it’s ok. He wasn’t much help with decorating the tree but he was very helpful when it came to watering the tree.

Check out that Very Serious Face. He does try and water the floor and sofa as well but never mind. We thank him for his good effort.

If you are looking to buy a live Christmas tree, we spotted these ones at Cold Storage at Kallang Leisure Park.

We paid S$93 for a 4″ – 5″ Noble Fir from Far East Flora and this is their “early bird discount” price. We also had to pay an additional $30 for delivery so that’s a total of $123! These ones from Cold Storage only costs $59.99 – ok, $60 for a 5″ – 6″ one. The one on the extreme right are those for “up to 5” and it only costs $39.99! Also, the ones from Cold Storage come with a large Christmas tree base. The ones we got from Far East Flora are meant for tiny trees like ours. This means if we want a bigger tree next year, we’d have to pay for a new tree base.

Pssst. Feeling rather cheated by Far East Flora. Humph. Oh well. You bet we’d be looking to other sources for our live Christmas tree next year.

Have you put up your tree yet?


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