note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 21

Dear Elliott,

We have all heard of the infamous “terrible twos”. Apparently, sweet toddlers like you turn into terrible little beings that terrorise their parents. I am acutely aware that at 21 months, you are only 4 months shy of hitting that dreaded big 2. In the last month or so, you are already displaying some hints of what is to come our way.

Like, suddenly refusing to put on your pyjamas pants. Yep. You, my child, have decided that you do not want to wear pants. What used to be a complete non-issue has now turned into a screaming fest. “No no no no!“, you’d yell at the top of voice, while kicking your legs away. Your weary parents will usually give up and let you go pant-less until you have suitably calmed down and decided that pants are not that uncool after all.

You are starting to grasp the concept of conversation. The other day, we walked past a playground and you went: “There? Ok?” With 2 simple words, you tell us that you want to head to the playground. You’d answer “Ok!” when we ask if you’d like to head to the playground or swimming pool. For the record, these are two of your (current) favorite places. You can also tell us when food or something is “hot”.

If we take another route instead of our usual one to the playground, you pull your hand away from mine and run in the opposite direction, yelling “Nooooooo….! PLAYGROUNDDDDDDDD…..!“, complete with big fat tears. Yes, it’s all rather melodramatic.

You have also decided that leaves are really interesting and there is a need to step on every single leaf that you encounter along the way. You point them out to us enthusiastically and will leave no leaf untouched until you have left your footprint on them.

You have also started on your first “proper’ swim class. I say “proper’ because it is a schedule group class that you attend with 4 other babies. I want to put on record here that you have been so very brave at your swim classes, allowing me to let you swim freestyle underwater. I have to add that as your mother, there is one part of me that is a little nervous about letting you PUT YOUR ENTIRE HEAD UNDER WATER FOR A FEW SECONDS but my dear child, you have shown that you are one fearless little boy. Thank you for also reminding me about that childlike bravery that we all used to possess.

The other formal class that you attend are gym classes. You are now the Forward Roller Expert and will practise all over the bed. This gives us a bit of a heart attack because you don’t quite see where you’re going!

Now that you are 21 months old, you try and drink from cup just like how the big people do. Well, I use the word try because usually, you’d get about 5% into your mouth while the remaining 95% ends up all over your clothes and/or the floor. But it’s ok sweetie. Accidents are part and parcel of the learning process so even though I’m a bit “Eeeeek! Your shirt is wet!!“, I try and keep calm…and allow you to carry on.

I have also noticed that you are learning to self-feed. Hip hip hooray! The other day, you were trying to scoop bits of hash brown into your mouth. I was quietly observing you and was very pleased that you were successful 90% of the time. The remaining 10%? You simply picked them up with your fingers and shoved them into your mouth. Hehe. You have also discovered the world of fried food and absolutely love potatoes. Yes, I would like to report that we are still on that carbo-only diet. These days, some of your favourite fruits include papaya and grapes which you call “pu tao!“.

You are a little chatterbox and will chat to yourself as you play on your own. I watch you quietly and it makes me smile when I catch you reciting “A…B…C…” or counting to yourself. It’s like there are thousands of new words and phrases in your head that you are trying to learn so you practise them when you are on your own. So very cute.

Ok, I have to also put on record here that for the last month or so, you have decided that sleep is FOR THE WEAK. We put you to bed at the usual time (which is not very early, to begin with!) and what do you do? You do anything but wind down to sleep. You do your forward rolls and your downward-facing dog yoga poses. You fling your entire body across Daddy’s torso, or take a walk around the bed. More often that not, your exhausted parents pass out first before you. I do hope that this is just yet another of those phase that will soon pass. I guess I should be thankful that you are sleeping through the night despite the pain we go through at bedtime.

You can now sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars” along with me when you are in the mood and it is just the cutest thing EVER. I do hope to capture it on video so that I can show it to you when you are older. Just the other day, you also surprised us by counting to 20. Your favourite “cheeky’ word is ‘digger’. When you are not in the mood to sing and your mother here insists to do so, you throw in the word ‘digger’ to annoy her. Example:

Me: A for….
Elliott: Ah-pur!

Me: B for…
E: Boy!

Me: C for…
E: Digger!

Me: Noooo. C is for CAT!
E: Digger! DIGGER!!!

You get the picture. And yes, diggers are one of your favourite things in the world. You point them out whenever we are out and get excited when a real digger is at work.

These days, you have also magically learnt how to operate the iPad yourself. THE HORRORS. You open it up, spot the YouTube app, then somehow manage to get onto a “Wheels on the Bus” video. Whut? How in the world did you learn that?! I don’t use the iPad (I don’t own one) and Daddy rarely uses one in front of you too. It is all quite mind-boggling.

Speaking of “Wheels on the Bus”, you can now follow the actions to the song. You move your arms in a circular motion to “…round and round..”, and jerk your hands front and back to “…move on back”. You also love us read the book version to you. It comes with movable parts which you try and yank off so for now, we make you sit on a little chair to listen to it from a safe distance.

You are such a happy child and I do hope with all my heart that you remain so for a long long time. You are also a sensitive one because your face crumples whenever I tell you that I am upset or angry with you. Mummy means the world to you now and I hope you know that you mean the world to me too. Always.


Happy 21 months, Elliott.

With love,
Mummy xoxo


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