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Christmas came early!

I was in the bathroom getting ready to head out when I heard the boy instructing Elliott to “…bring to Mummy“, and to say “For you Mummy“. I couldn’t make out the rest of the conversation but was a little curious about what was happening.

Elliott soon came toddling into the bathroom, struggling with a paper bag that was obviously too heavy and big for him.

“Mummy! You!”, he chimed.

FOR you, Mummy!“, said the boy behind him.

For YOU, Mummy!“, Elliott repeated.

My little man was toting dragging a….Chanel paperbag.

I stopped what I was doing and stooped down to take the heavy bag off him. I also noticed that the purchase was from the original Chanel store in Paris (google 31 Rue Cambon). Ooooh.

I went to look through our pictures from our last (and only) trip to Paris back in March 2013, and remembered this picture taken by the very friendly and helpful sales assistant on the famous faceted mirrored spiral staircase that Chanel designed. It was a memorable visit because (1) I rarely step into brand names shops in Singapore (2) It was THE ORIGINAL CHANEL STORE, YO!!!

Apparently, I also found out that “during the fashion shows, which took place down stairs, Gabrielle Chanel would sit on the staircase. Thanks to the mirrors she could see everything taking place, but no one could see her. She wanted to know the immediate reaction, if the journalists and clients were pleased with the collection.”

Anywaaaaaay. Sorry for that side track. Let’s get back to my entry.

So I exclaimed to Elliott: “Oooh, for me? Really?

I couldn’t believe my eyes, to be honest. The boy runs a little fun side-business here and I thought that he was just pulling my leg by making Elliott lug in a Chanel paperbag from his “stock”. Just for fun, you know?

As it turns out, it was a present for me! My Christmas present, apparently. I was in a dilemma – to wait till Christmas to open it, or to open it NOW so that I can find out exactly what the pretty bag contained.

Half a day went by before my curiosity got the better of me and I told the boy that I AM GOING TO OPEN THE PRESENT!

I kinda guessed from the size of the box that it was a wallet. And I remember thinking: Ooh, I hope he didn’t get me the quilted calfskin one because I’m totally chor lor and a fragile (but very pretty) calf skin wallet will become a sad-looking wallet in no time because yes, I’m very chor lor (rough).

As it turns out, my husband knows me very well. He got me the flap wallet in “quilted grained calfskin” (I confess here that I am totally copying the name of the wallet from the Chanel official site because I am not very brand savvy) because he knows that I’m erm, not the most gentle person in the world and a quilted calfskin one will be ruined in my hands. Hur hur. He is also well aware that I am not a fan of huge logos splashed across my stuff.

And the best bit?

“I just thought you’d like a new wallet because your current one is quite old already.”


So yes, I am blogging about this because I have a goldfish memory (see examples here and here), and it will be nice to look back a couple of years from now and remember that my boy noticed my fraying wallet and got me a new one for Christmas.



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