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Wait what? Christmas is near?

We probably sound like broken records but I cannot believe that it is the mid of November. Stores are blaring Christmas songs and the annual Christmas light-up along Orchard Road is up!

Wait what? Christmas is near? ALREADY?!

For the past few years, we did not have our own home and were staying at my parent’s. This means that our annual tradition of putting up a live Christmas tree did not happen. We would usually pick out a tree from Ikea and in the first year, left it till the last minute and we ended up with a sad-looking one. The next year, we decided to not wait and picked out our second tree in end November. In 2010, we got our third tree which was definitely the fluffiest of the lot.

Oh wow, it has been 4 long years since we last had a live Christmas tree!

Thanks to my colleagues’ cajoling advice, I decided to order a live tree from Far East Flora this year. They insisted that their trees are much more lush as compared to the ones from Ikea. Since this is going to the first tree at our new home, as well as Elliott’s first tree (Eeeeeks! Excites much!), I decided to take the plunge and ordered a 4-5 ft USA Noble Fir. It costs S$93 (a special sale price, mind you) and with delivery (an additional $30), it is definitely way more expensive than an Ikea tree. Gulp. I was told by said colleagues that we can go pick out ‘our tree’ when the shipment arrives so I’m looking forward to doing that with the boy and the little man.

Truth be told, we do not celebrate Christmas. I love just the festive feel of having a live tree in the house (the lights! the gorgeous pine smell!). In fact, we do not even have Christmas parties/gatherings so technically, no one really gets to enjoy the lovely tree except for us.

I am also pleased that I can put up this little keepsake I made for Elliott’s first Christmas last year that never saw the light of day. I remember how I was a little sad that we had no tree to hang it on.

The year-end period also holds a special place in my heart because just a few years ago, it was a very dark period in our trying-to-conceive journey. I used to associate Christmas and December with sadness. This song used to make me cry. Even now, whenever I hear it, it tugs at my heart.

After the arrival of Elliott, Christmas and the year-end period is now back to being cheery and hopeful. A time to count our immense blessings, a time to be thankful.

Looking forward to filling our home with the smell of pine and trying not to walk into the tree every morning when we wake!


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