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miss ene eats: Ma Mère Boulangerie

We recently discovered this little bakery at Marina Square called Ma Mère Boulangerie. It is located on the 2nd level just below the kid’s play area where all the kids-related shops are located (Mothercare, Kiddy Palace, etc).

Elliott goes the playgym in the same building and he is usually ravenous after all that tumbling so one day, clever me decided to get him some bread. He’s always excited to spot stuff that he can say, like “BREAD!” Of course, he also enjoys opening up the showcase to try and pull out the breads. URGH.

I bought him their Pumpkin Bun which he enjoyed very much. Whenever he finished with one small mouthful, he’d yell “Bread, please!” and his maid mother will then need to get said bread into his mouth.

It’s pretty soft and not too sweet so I was happy to let him munch on this until we got to our preferred lunch venue.

I personally enjoy their Mushroom Cheese bread that was soft, fluffy and importantly, not crazy salty. I warm it up for a bit in the microwave just before I eat it and it’s yummy!

It has now become our habit to stock up on bread at Ma Mère Boulangerie. I also like that the breads are not priced too crazily and oh, the boy discovered that with any purchase of bread, you get a cup of coffee for a dollar! That’s a pretty sweet deal, me thinks.

Ma Mère Boulangerie
6 Raffles Boulevard


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