note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 20

Dear Elliott,

I was lying on the sofa one evening while Daddy was putting you to bed. I came across this video titled “lullaby for mom“. It turned me into a gooey mess because one of the mothers in the video talked about how she was always worrying. That hit a spot because like her, I started to worry about you the moment we heard your beautiful heartbeat.

Now that you are 20 months old, I am still worrying. I worry if you are eating too little/much. I worry if you’re eating healthily. I worry when you get a sniffly nose. I worry if you’d roll off the bed whenever you do one of your many acrobat moves while in deep sleep. I worry if you are hitting your milestones. I worry if you are getting enough sleep. I read somewhere that a mother never stops worrying, and when she sleeps, she worries with her eyes closed.

How very true.

We finally stopped your music class that you started when you were 8 months old. Instead, we now take you to gym classes every Sunday morning. The first time we stepped in, you ran gleefully towards the balance bars and couldn’t stop beaming and giggling throughout the trial class. You prefer the “exploring” bit of the hour-long class where you can run amok around doing your own thing on the various gym equipment, and your eyes light up whenever it’s “bubble time”.

These days, you mimic everything we say, including 4-syllabi ones like “hairy-cor-cur” (helicopter) and “mo-mo-hai-cur” (motorcycle). You have learnt so many new words that I am finding it hard to keep track of what you can say these days. Whenever we are out, you enjoy pointing out all the stuff that you can say.

We like taking you to the supermarket because you will point at familiar fruits and shout them out for all to hear – pine-apple! apple! nana! papa-ya, wor-wor-me-wen! (watermelon).

You know where your books are kept and when you feel like it, you will utter “ree-boo” (read book) and hold our hand to lead us to the books drawer. It still makes me smile whenever you get to choose a book and will excitedly plonk your diaper-clad butt onto my crossed legs.

You can’t say “Yes” (the “s” sound is probably too challenging for now) so you say “Ok!” instead. I love it whenever I ask “Do you want to eat, Bubu?” or “Shall we go swimming?” and you answer me with a cheery “Ok!” paired with a wide beam. How to say no to your cute face, you tell me? On the other hand, you have also learnt very quickly that you can say “No“. E.g. I’d ask: “Do you want more milk, Elliott?”, and you will go (complete with a vigorously-shaking head) “no no no no no nooooo.” Sometimes, I ask you repeatedly just to hear you say “no no no no nooooooo” because it is rather hilarious.

You have also mastered the “bye bye” wave and would do it on your own without prompting sometimes. Just the other day, I picked you up as usual from your Ah Ma’s house and as I buckled you in the car seat, you cheerily waved “Bye bye!” and “See-you-moro!” to your Ah Gong who was laughing heartily at your spontaneity.

I have also taught you how to say “I love you!” but it comes out as “I-wiv-YOU!” with a loud emphasis on the word “YOU!“. Totally biased but it’s so cute, it melts my heart whenever you say it.

These days, you can also pick out the right pieces, and fix your simple 2-piece jigsaw puzzle. You also enjoy stacking and pulling apart your Duple bricks. It is a joy watching you create stuff so keep at it.

I read that at your age, sensory play is something worth exploring. We currently have a box of washable finger paint (from Popular) and 2 boxes of water beads (from the gardening section at Daiso). We do sensory play just before your 2nd shower of the day where you can create as much mess art as you wish. You enjoy using the scoop to move the beads from one pail to another and when you first started out, you were pretty unsteady but now, I am proud that you can successfully transfer almost 95% of all that you scoop from the first pail.

At 20 months old, you have become rather helpful. You enjoy helping in every little thing that we do so we involve you whenever we can. You enjoy helping to hold the grocery basket (for 5 seconds) and just the other day, it thrilled you no end that you were helping to move the folded laundry from the living room to the bedroom where Daddy was waiting to put away. Well done, sweetie!

We are but 4 short months away from celebrating your second birthday. I was just working on a photo book of your first year the other day and found myself taking longer than usual because I stopped and tried to recall all the memories behind each photo. That first year passed in a blur and I find myself wishing I took more videos of your little coos and giggles to remember them by. When you are older, we will sit together to look through the photo book and I shall tell you the stories behind each and every photo, ok?

Happy 20 months, my Elliott Bubu (which is what you call yourself when I ask for your name). Mummy loves Elliott Bubu very very much.

Mummy xoxo



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