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miss ene eats: London Fat Duck

I haven’t done a ‘miss ene eats’ entry for a while because quite a few meals are gulp-and-go so here’s one! We checked out London Fat Duck at Scott’s Square over the weekend. The last time I walked past the eatery, there were only 2 occupied tables but this time round, on a Saturday evening, it was packed to the gills and we had to wait for about 20 minutes before we were seated.

London Fat Duck is touted as the “Wagyu of Ducks” which apparently come with a layer of fats under the skin. These ducks are supposed to be farmed in a “relaxing environment”. I gathered this from watching the clip on loop on the tv outside the restaurant while waiting.

Thankfully, there is quite a bit of empty space for Elliott to run around while waiting. I also took the chance to check out Guardian pharmacy where my child busied himself trying to rearrange all their stock and throwing random items into the shopping basket like a slimming belt (on sale) and pills for diarrhea.



I was busy with the son so left the ordering to the boy. He ordered half a duck, some char siew, a bowl of congee (for Elliott), rice and a plate of signature steamed cheong fun (filled with dough fritters).

I was a little taken aback when the GIANT plate of half a duck appeared in front of us. It pretty much took up half our table.


It looked like an ordinary plate of roast duck but when we started to pick at it, I realised why it is called London FAT duck because…well, just check it out.


Please focus on the proportion of fats versus lean meat. Even the boy, who is a very fuss-free eater, quipped: Wah, this duck is super fat, man!

I wanted to say: It’s called London Fat Duck mah, of course fat lah! But I did not. I just nodded my head and said: Yeah man.

Here is another close-up of the fat duck.


I ended up trying to remove the fats from each piece throughout the meal which wasn’t very productive, especially with a wriggling toddler. Having said that, wriggly toddler enjoyed the plain congee with tiny bits of (lean) duck thrown in so yeah to that. The duck was flavourful and tasty, but I have to say that the amount of fat was a bit overwhelming for us.

Here’s a courtesy message: If you’re not huge on spicy food, go easy on the chilli dip that is on each table. I happily took a fat glob and paid for it with mouthfuls of cold Barley. So so spicy!!

The char siew was, thankfully, pretty lean but it was pretty forgettable. I’ve eaten my fair share of char siew and the ones from London Fat Duck was just…ok. Importantly, we did not think that it was worth the price tag of (about) $15. Gulp.

To put it simply, I don’t think we’d be back anytime soon as there are many other places serving good roast duck.

London Fat Duck
6 Scotts Road, #B1-16/17
Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am – 10pm
Weekend & PH: 10am – 10pm


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