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A tale of 2 photos

So the time has come for me to apply for a new passport because the current one is expiring. I realised that I cannot use the same photo that I took in 2006 because erm, a good 9 years have since passed. NINE YEARS! Since then, I haven’t had the need to take a passport photo.

I dug up my photo from 9 years ago which is also the photo in my current passport.

Ah. Such youth. No eyebags! Ok, I have to state upfront that I took my photos at a photography studio that uses “subtle Photoshop” on all pictures. I remember them adjusting my hair in this picture and doing subtle “enhancements” to the lines around my eyes. Also, notice how I did not wear eyeliner in this picture? Nine years ago, I did not know how to use eyeliner. Truth.

Anyhoos, I went back to the same shop to get an updated photo taken. I brushed my hair, took extra care to apply my make-up, and wore a collared shirt just so that the photo looks…formal. Just in case I need it for…other purposes like applying for a new job.

This is the result:


At one glance, it looks almost similar except for the hair length. On closer inspection, I realise that despite Photoshop (!), my eyebags are STILL THERE. Despite eyeliner, my eyes seem more…weary and tired. It also looks…smaller?! Oh and look closely – can you spot the whites in my hair? I am just glad they did not show up too clearly. Strangely, only one earring (right ear) is visible even though I had on both earrings. Odd.

I would also like to add that when I saw the PRE-PHOTOSHOPPED picture of myself, I almost crumbled into a heap and died on the spot. I looked about a hundred years old with terrible lines around my eyes.

Can I just say again: THANK GOD FOR PHOTOSHOP.

Pffft. Might be time for that Botox/fillers treatment.


2 thoughts on “A tale of 2 photos

    1. The same photo is used in my current passport! ICA is apparently pretty sharp and would reject your application if you use the same picture. Sigh. AGED I have, indeed.

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