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Sydney Shenanigans: The second birthday

I rarely celebrate my birthdays overseas. As far as I can remember, the last time it happened was back in 2011 when we (the boy and I) were in Macau and he asked me to marry him on the night of my actual birthday. This time round, my birthday coincided with our Sydney trip. It wasn’t planned so. It just happened.

So this year, I spent my birthday at the Sydney Aquarium. Most parts of the day bit anyway. After the visit, Elliott fell asleep in the stroller (hooray!) which allowed the boy and I to have a nice twosome lunch at a cute little casual eatery called Mr Bao where we could EAT WITH BOTH HANDS.


We sat on one of ’em high stools you see on the left of the picture. I got the Crackling Pork Belly Bao while he opted for the Karaage Chicken Bao.


Please check out that amazingly crispy piece of pork crackling on my bun. I was super excited to eat it, as you can clearly see.


Just across Mr Bao was a Japanese casual eatery which served rice sets so at the risk of sounding like absolutely greedy people, I am going to confess that after our (super tiny) baos, we headed 3 steps across the room and plonked ourselves down in front of the Japanese eatery (name escapes me now but it’s not important) and ordered a bowl of teriyaki chicken don bowl to share.


Check out the amount of greens! Where is the rice?! Ok, it was below that pile of greens and generous portion of teriyaki chicken but this is possibly the most amount of greens I’ve ever had with my teriyaki chicken bowl. Not that I was complaining though. They were crunchy and oh-so-fresh. Very very yums.


Here’s a picture of us for posterity’s sake. Our romantic lunch on my birthday. Yes, it was simple but I was a happy girl because I got to eat all my favourite things.

The rest of the afternoon was spent pottering around the shopping malls. Tee hee hee. In the evening, our hosts took us to a lovely Italian restaurant called La Spiaggia for my birthday dinner.

They served amazing wood-fired pizza and when Elliott got a bit antsy, I took him to watch the Italian pizzaman make pizzas. He was such a lovely man.


When he found out that Elliott liked the pizza crust, he made some bread sticks out of it for him. He also asked if he can give him some pizza dough to play with to keep him occupied. They seem like small gestures but to a (harrassed) parent who was trying to keep her child occupied, I was touched.

That’s the nice pizzaman behind us in this photo. Our friends took this rare couple photo of us and I just realised that I am holding on to…Thomas the train. Hur hur.

After that lovely dinner, we headed home and our friends and the 2 boys surprised me with a cake. I cannot remember the context to this photo but I like it for its spontaneity.


After singing the birthday song three times (or was it four?), we blew out the candles on my birthday cake as a family of 3 on the occasion of my second birthday as a mother.


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