note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 19

Dear Elliott,

When you were a teeny tiny bub, your por por used to tell me that when you are older, you will be much more fun to be with. And how right she is! You are fast developing your own personality and a rapidly-expanding vocabulary.

You repeat everything that we say, including Ah Ma going “Aiyoooo!” whenever you mess up the room after she has just tidied it. You also address yourself as “bubu” and would say stuff like “bubu daw” (bubu draw). You have learnt how to identify some of your favourite food like “pussss” (puffs) and can identify animals like “fizz” (fish), “shark”, “duck”, “bird”. Instead of simply saying “choo choo” like you used to, you now say “choo choo tain” (choo choo train).


The other day, we had this conversation:

Me: What does a sheep say?
You: Baaaaaaaa.

Me: What does a cow say?
You: Moo!

Me: What does a cat say?
You: Meow.

Me: What does a dog say?
You: Woah woah.

Me: What does an ambulance say?
You: *looking confused*
Me: An ambulance says bee-boo-bee-boo-bee-boo.
You: bee-boo-bee-boooooooo!

You still love shower time and if we dare remove you from your fast-getting-tiny bathtub, you scream blue murder. So these days, I simply leave you to sit in it for a while as you busy yourself scooping water using the pail. Oh, did I mention that you also have a knack of sneakily drinking bath water??! What’s up with that?! Eeeew.

On weekday evenings when Mummy is solo parenting, I’d ask “Do you want to paint, Bubu?” and even though you can’t articulate the word “yes”, your eyes light up and you chuckle excitedly. You then sit in your diapers and spend a good 15-minute or so messin’ about with the colours. I have to keep a close watch though because you have attempted to eat the paint.


I tell everyone that you are a happy little kid and you truly are. You get amused easily and are curious about everything around you. In fact, you are so curious, you pushed over a male mannequin at a shop the other day and broke its arm when I took my eyes off you for 30 seconds. Pffffft. Thankfully, you were unhurt and the shop assistants were very lovely. I can almost understand now why parents would put a leash on their toddlers. 

Recently, you learnt the word “point!” (complete with finger-pointing action) and think that it is the most. hilarious. thing. ever. whenever you point at one of us and we react by falling over. This naturally translates to us doing this point-and-fall-over game a million times until you get distracted by the next shiny object in your view.


You also received your very first lantern to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Daddy paid $12.50 for a Thomas lantern from NTUC because Mummy wanted to buy it for you. It comes complete with very loud music and flashing lights. Unfortunately, you did not quite know what to do with it. Maybe I can keep it for next year’s festival…


Another milestone I would like to document here is your very first flight! We flew on Singapore Airlines to Sydney to visit our dear friends, Uncle SJ and Uncle G who showered you with too many kisses, hugs and toys. Yes, toys. You returned from your first overseas holiday with 5 – FIVE! – new Thomas the Tank Engine figurines. One of your current favourite word is “air-pane” and you couldn’t stop pointing them out to us when we were at the airport. I am glad to report that despite it being a 7-hour flight, you did remarkably well. Phew.

While in Sydney, we pointed out all the animals we saw at the Zoo, took you to wonderful playgrounds, and you experienced cold weather for the first time. I also randomly taught you the word “bicycle” because images of bicycles were painted on the Sydney roads and you surprised us by going “bye-see-CLE!“. For the next couple of days (until now, actually), you’ve been repeating “bye-see-CLE!“, as if trying to commit it to memory.

In preparation of your foray into playgroup next year, this month also saw you starting on multivitamins. Thankfully, it was a smooth process as you took to it readily (PHEW). Whenever I take the bottle out and say “Time for VIE-TA-MINS!“, you’d flash me a big grin and go “vite-min!”, then open your mouth wide to gulp it all down in a flourish. When you’re done, you’d go “ma-mo” (no more).

I have no way of finding out if the vitamins are working but interestingly, you have remained healthy throughout our stay in Sydney despite the cold weather and lack of proper naps (yes, Mummy here brought the entire bottle Down Under) while your parents fell ill upon our return. Keeping fingers crossed!

Speaking of play, you can play quietly on your own which is a lovely respite for your caregivers. Sometimes, you get a little too quiet and I’d take a quick peek at you, just to ensure that you’re not scaling the wall or trying to eat a dead bug. You are totally into anything with wheels, i.e. trucks, airplanes, trains and cars. As you can clearly see in this picture, your Ah Gong and Ah Ma has totally indulged you in your favourite things at their home. You have an army of vehicles at your command, Mr Bubu-pants!


More often than not, you are simply busy playing with your trains by pushing them along the track and looking dead serious about it. I confess that sometimes, I sit at a distance out of your sight and take in the beautiful sight of you trying to figure out a Duplo piece or attempting to fix 2 train pieces together.

You are also a lot more aware of Moon now and would sometimes, walk up to Moon and pet her on your own (the cutest thing EVER!). You also enjoy sitting in her bed – much to her chagrin. You also recently discovered this fun body part of hers called the tail and would attempt to tug at it at every chance. I am just glad that Moon is a very sweet and patient dog because honestly, I don’t think she likes her tail being tugged very much!


We have been teaching you to be GENTLE but sometimes, you forget and get a tad enthusiastic. You also enjoy watching me play fetch with Moon and would try and throw her toy too but it’s not much of a challenge for Moon because you throw it like, right at her feet. Wahahahaha.

This month, you have also started to show your preference for Mummy. Every other moment, I hear you go “Mummy? Mummy?“. Maybe this is what the books call separation anxiety. You can be in your own room pushing your trains around happily and suddenly, you’d let you a blood-curdling scream and start running towards me going “Mummyyyyyy!“.  I guess it is a stage and it will pass at some point. Mummy is never going to leave you, silly.


On the eating front, you have suddenly decided that carbohydrates are your NEW BEST FRIENDS and would only eat plain rice, plain noodles and…potato in any form (fried, roast). Just look at your gleeful face in the photo below, taken in Sydney. Any attempt to try and feed you a balanced meal results in the offensive food item being spat out in 3 seconds.


The only thing consistent is the fact that you still like chinese-style porridge where I hide put in bits of fish (salmon or cod fish) with chicken bits. I do hope that this carbo diet of yours will fizzle out soon enough. Your mother here has decided to (sings wearily) “let it go…” and not beat myself over it because we all know toddlers have a mind of your own.

I’m not sure if this bizzare eating habit is due to you teething AGAIN but your upper canines are erupting. I can see them coming through and according to charts, you are on track as these come through between 16 – 22 months. You try and chew on random objects around the house and strangely, have developed a love for licking the glass doors around the house. Looking back at my past notes to you, I swear teething occurs almost every month! I guess this is part and parcel of growing up and I can only try and make the experience a little better with lots of kisses and cuddles.


Happy 19 months, my cutie patootie! We can’t wait to embark on more adventures with you.

Love you lots,
Mummy xoxo


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