Back from Down Under!


Hello! Sorry for the radio silence but we have just spent the past 10 glorious days Down Under in Sydney. It was the little man’s very first plane ride which made this mother very very nervous. I am pleased to report back that he was generally a trooper on the flight there and back.

We were also lucky to have won the airplane seats lottery this time round by having lovely people beside us on both flights. On our flight in, we were seated beside a lovely grandmotherly lady who was really kind and kept assuring me how Elliott will be ok during the flight. On the way back, we were next to a family of 2 kids – a little boy Z (2.5 years old) and a little girl E (1 year old). Their mother and I exchanged encouraging smiles to each other whenever one of our kids acted up.

In fact, on the descent, Z started to complain loudly how his ears hurt and I offered him some of Elliott’s favourite yogurt drops. They also watched Duplo clips on my phone together and before you know it, I heard the plane wheels touch the tarmac. Cue big sighs from both mommas. Gotta love how motherhood bonds you right away with random strangers!

We had a wonderful time, a big part due to our lovely hosts, SJ and G who were nothing short of amazing. They fed us (very well), drove us around (to and fro Hunter Valley, to be exact), helped us keep an eye on Elliott and basically spoilt him rotten with love and gifts. That little man came home with a bagful of Thomas the Tank Engine toys. They are truly a blessing in our lives.

I shall attempt to blog about the trip soon because we all know how as the days go by, we start to forget and the inclination to write about it goes out the window. I know because I wrote a draft entry for our amazing hot-air ballooning experience during our last trip to Sydney and never got down to completing it.

Wish me luck!


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