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miss ene eats: Ma Maison (Bugis Junction)

I am positive that one of the most commonly-uttered phrases amongst (Singaporean) couples isn’t “I love you” but….

Today eat what ah?

Ok, at least it is for us.

We take Elliott to his music class every Sunday morning and after it ends, one of us will inevitably end up asking that question. We’d usually end up saying “dunno”, and we’d sit at the carpark cracking our heads, only to end up at the same few places that we always patronise.

In recent weeks, Ma Maison at Bugis Junction has been one of those few places. We arrive at about 11.30am before the lunchtime crowd (very important!) and get a nice table easily.


As the poster states, this family promotion rewards families. Dads get a free glass of beer, Mums get free ice-cream (SUGAAAAR IS GOOOOOOD) and child gets a free toy. I was wondering what sort of “toy” they were giving out and was pleased to note that they have a large wicker basket that sits near the entrance. This basket contains all sorts of toys that appeal to different ages of children. I think that this is a brilliant idea because a 10 year old’s preference for a toy would differ greatly from a 1 year old.


The first time we were at Ma Maison, I chose a plastic clapper thingy for Elliott. I was glad we only got it at the end of the meal because I can only imagine the din he’d create with it. On our last visit over the weekend, he got to choose his own Police toy car which kept him suitably occupied for a good part of the meal. HOORAY!


Right from the time we waited to be seated, to the time we left the restaurant, every staff that we came into contact with was cheerful and friendly. Quite a few of them were also really friendly with Elliott, making little conversations with him, and one lady server even gifted him with a small bar of Hersheys chocolate (“from aunty, ok?”). That was a small gesture but I think it is nice to dine at a family-friendly restaurant where the wait staff are not scowling at you because you have a 1.5 year old who cannot stay still in high chair.

I also like that the moment we sat down at the table, a child’s bowl and cutlery set were immediately placed in front of Elliott. My only complaint? The cutlery is made of metal which means that when child waves metal fork around, there is a high chance of metal fork poking mother in the eye.


Which was exactly what happened.

I was leaning towards Elliott for a kiss which is why the boy shot this perfectly-timed photo. Instead of planting a kiss on my right cheek, the little man decided to wave his fork around and my eye got in his way.


Anyway, it was an accident and my left eye is still intact, thankfully.

The food quality is also pretty decent and we will usually order dishes that Eliott can eat as well. He quite enjoyed the pasta and onion soup and the police toy car kept him suitably occupied till the end of the meal.



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