note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 18

Dear Elliott,

Last weekend, I was on the way to the swimming pool to join you and Daddy in the pool because I was jealous that you guys were having all the fun and I wasn’t in my swim wear. As I walked towards you who was waving “Hi Mum-My!“, my heart swelled with love and thankfulness.

It may seem silly but I was wholeheartedly thankful to be where we are right now. Literally and emotionally. It may sound a little silly but I am very thankful for our home which gives us access to a most lovely pool. Every single day, I am even more thankful to be your Mummy.


Sometimes, it is easy to forget that you are a miracle. We are so caught up in our daily grind that I forget to stop, take a deep breath, and remember that you are truly our little miracle child. The fact that you are now 18 months old breaks my heart a little because truly, you are growing up so quickly.

You surprised us the other day by counting together with us. I said “one…” and you said “TOO!“. I said “three….” and you went “FOR!“.


And you say it with a flourish “TEN!

We haven’t been very dutiful with the counting books so I was truly surprised that you knew how to “count”. I guess we can thank your weekly music class where we do counting routines. Of course, your proud Mummy here was all “OMG MY SON IS GENIUS!!!”. Hur hur.

You are also picking up everything we say and this includes saying “HI MOON!” in a super high pitched voice. Exactly the way I say it. Ooops. You also love saying “HI!” to everyone and anyone with a big toothy grin. You say HI! to us (loudly) when you wake in the morning and I think that it is the cutest thing EVER (no, not biased at all). You also love saying “BYE BYE!” loudly and when asked, would also blow a flying kiss. You are such a loving boy, my child, and it makes my heart beam.


You have also recently started to rattle off our “names”. You’d go:

Ted–dy (Daddy)
Ah Ma
Ah Kom (Gong)
Che Che
Koko (your favourite train, of course)
Eh Eh (Yi Yi)
Mo-Mo (Domo)

It’s almost like you’re trying to remember everyone that you know and sometimes, I repeat after you too. This month, we also noted that you have also started to string words together, i.e. “Soos. Go.” (Shoes, Go). And when we drop Daddy off at the bus stop in the mornings, you’d say “Ted-dy. Ma-more” (Daddy, no more).

You can also recognise yourself and us in photos. I’d point to you in our family picture and ask “Who’s this?” and you’d go “Bubu!“. For the longest time, you kept referring to me in photos as “Ted-dy” (whyyyyy??) but these days, you have sorted it all out. It’s really cute hearing you call out everyone’s “names” as we point at photos.


You used to call Moon “Mo” but these days, you are better at pronouncing it as “Moon”. Speaking of Moon, you are definitely aware that Moon is part of the family. The other day, you went up to Moon and patted her. You would also giggle whenever I play fetch with Moon. Can’t wait till you’re old enough to play with her!

Moon, on the other hand, is not too sure about your advances and would usually scurry away whenever she sees you coming. Hehe. Sometimes, I’d say “Sayang Moon?” and this one time, you did this.


Your first molars are also cutting through and it makes me giggle because you now have 4 teeth on the lower jaw, a gap, then the molars. It does look a little…odd. This teething business is giving you (and me) much grief because I am sure it hurts like s***. Don’t worry, my little man. As with all things, THIS TOO SHALL PASS and you will soon have 4 brand new molars to chew your food better.

We have also started a teeth-brushing routine with you during your last bath in the evening. Previously, you hated using the toothbrush and would clamp your mouth shut. After I got you some baby toothpaste, you seem to enjoy it much better. I’m guessing you actually like the taste of the toothpaste.

I’m posting this picture even though it’s not very clear because we can see your growing molars, and that little gap between your teeth.


You also enjoy doing what adults do, i.e. helping us vacuum the floor and cooking. When I say “cooking”, I really mean using the ladle and banging on the metal bowl. You’re curious about everything that we do and want to be part of the action.

I’m not sure where you picked up dramatics from but whenever you bump your head gently or trip, you go into “Oh oh oh oh” with a pained expression and would look up at me for comfort.


I’d always say “It’s ok. Come, Mummy give you a hug?” and you’d toddle over and repeat “hug” while we do a big hug together. Almost immediately, you’d be your happy self again. I like that my hugs make you feel better and do hope that these hugs will continue to provide you with comfort and security as you grow older.

You are one cheeky little fella. The other night, just before bedtime, we were lying side by side and you kept going “Mum-my” in your little cute baby voice. I replied “Yes, bubu?“. I think you liked the reaction you elicited because this went on for quite a while:

Yes, bubu?
Yes, bubu?
Yes, bubu?
Yes, bubu?

On the eating front, you have suddenly decided that YOU WANT TO EAT FOOD. Your Ah Ma proudly tells me at the end of each work day when I pick you up that you finished up two huge bowls of porridge throughout the day. When I have my (adult) dinner, you insist to have a share too by yelling loudly “MUM! MUM!” This is your doting Ah Gong watching you eat (yummy) chicken rice that Ah Ma made.


You have also decided (suddenly) that you love these little puffs that you hated when you were younger. Glad that I didn’t give them away! You stuff 3-4 of these puffs into your mouth and would express disdain loudly if your snack bowl is empty. Ah, you little ones. So very hard to predict!


My dear sweet child. You are now 18 months old. I can now officially tell people who ask that you are “one and a half years old” whenever they ask. Keep curious (ok, not thaaaat curious – stop playing with light switches, can!?) and keep happy. There’s nothing more that we can ask for. Oh, maybe one more – keep healthy!

Love you with all my heart,
Mummy xoxo


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