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Baby’s Day Out 2015 – My First National Day Party

This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for the longest time but hey, it’s still August and we are still celebrating SG50, yes? 😛

We headed to the Promontory on the 8th August to be part of the NTUC-organised Baby’s Day Out 2015. It had been raining heavily throughout the day and I was expecting very muddy grounds so I knew that I had to wear mud-friendly footwear (Converse shoes FTW). My gf was wearing slippers (!) and I think she regretted it very much. Hehe.

The organisation was very orderly to manage the huge crowd (which I suspect, would have been bigger if not for the heavy rain earlier in the day) and we found a spot to settle. The organisers were giving out cardboard cartons to lay on the ground and the boy gallently went about setting up “our” area.

It being the National Day weekend, we all went dressed in red and white! Whoop whoop!


There’s a heart in between us because I love my little man so but truth be told, I’m using it to block out this aunty who got into my frame. Pfffft. Not that I don’t love my son but you get my point.

I told you about the muddy grounds, right? This is “our” spot away from the stage because it was as far as I could trudge in the crazy muddy field. I don’t know why but I find this picture pretty endearing.


There was a problem with the sound system so we sat around and waited for our friends to arrive.

See the bouncy castle and slide in the background? We kept E away from it because there were loads of older kids going mental on it and with the muddy grounds, I…just cannot.


My son was waving at aeroplanes. I think.


There were stage performances by little children dancing to K-pop tunes and amongst the bits and bobs inside the goodie bag were these plastic tamborines.


Elliott and Liz had a lovely time boppin’ to the tunes and I have a cute video of them both shaking their little bons bons. Check out Elliott’s intense face of concentration.

“Must. Keep. To. Beat.”IMG_5347-001

These two together are too much cute. Eeeeeks.


We stayed till the NDP preview fireworks came on and by then, the little man was up well beyond his bedtime. Not sure if we’d bother with the next event though. The stalls on site weren’t particularly exciting and the fact that I had to trudge through mud (not the fault of organisers though) just made me stay put.


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