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Date night: Imagine Dragons in concert

A few weeks ago, the boy asked:

Do you want to go with me to Imagine Dragons’ concert?

And I was surprised. Because my husband does not do concerts.  He thinks that they are a waste of money. In his words, he can ‘use one hand to count‘ the number of concerts that he has paid to go to. I use the word “paid” because the last concert he went to was complimentary.


So yes, when the boy-who-does-not-do-concerts ask if you’d like to go to a (rock) concert with him, the girl says YES OF COURSE. We bought the cheapest most affordable tickets and last evening, joined the throngs of people at Singapore Indoor Stadium to rock out at Imagine Dragons’ first concert in Singapore.


After taking this photo, we headed to the booth behind us and spent $90 on 2 (nicely designed) concert t-shirts. Quite untypical behaviour, I say. I cannot remember the last time I spent on concert merchandise (probably never) but hey, this is the boy’s first PAID concert so I guess it will make a nice souvenir. Oh and I have to state for the record that sadly, miss ene is no longer a size S. I had to buy the tee in size M.



I honestly did not expect such a huge crowd. I would say 95% of the seats were filled (as far as my eyes could see) and the mosh pit was about 3/4 filled. Phwah. I had no idea they had such a big fan base.

Also, I was amazed at the mix of audience. There were so many…children! There was a couple with a young boy who was walking to the venue behind us and I whispered to the boy: I wonder who’s the fan.

We overheard their conversation where the father was heard saying to the son (who did not look more than 8 years old) “But you only know about 4 songs, right?” And the son rattled off a few of the songs that he knew.

“Wah. The young boy is the fan! The parents are just…chaperones!”, I exclaimed in a whisper to the boy. “Maybe next time, we have to chaperone Elliott to the next big thing in music. But I think I’d take him to a Jay Chou or Bon Jovi concert first.”, I remarked. I would love to take him to Bon Jovi’s concert and tell him about the time when the song “I’d Be There For You” came on the radio and he did a couple of flips in my belly. I think he may just like rock music.

The concert started at 8.15 pm sharp just as I predicted because I is expert concert-goer. These concerts are quite different from the chinese ones where there are no costume changes – the Imagine Dragon boys looked like they just pulled out anything-black from their wardrobe and put it on. Heck, they didn’t even look like they combed their hair, no fancy dance moves, no back-up singers (just 4 of them on a plain black stage, no nothing. It was just plain live music. I also remarked to the boy that none of the boys are good-looking (pffft) so people are there just for – gasp – talent and good music!



I only know erm, 3 songs but was extremely excited when they covered Alphaville’s “Forever Young“. OMG, A SONG FROM MY GENERATION! I bet you, all the young ones in the audience must have been like, ?!?! This song brought back soooo much memories. And yes, we sang along with gusto, complete with torchlight from our phones (modern technology. I love). Never mind that we were showing our age.


Everyone got very excited when they did their hit song “It’s Time” pretty early on (3rd song on the set). It was just song after song from the get go and when the concert ended at about 10pm, my ears were ringing. I am really getting too old for loud music.

A sign that we are parents? The moment it ended, we jumped out of our seats and squeezed our way out of the venue to get home quickly to our child. Ah, gone are the days where you head off for supper post-concert. But we are not complaining. Not at all.

PS. I did not realise this until I posted this entry but here’s the boy’s take on the same concert. I told you that it’s a big deal, right? FIRST PAID CONCERT WARRANTS A BLOG ENTRY. 🙂 Such an apt and witty blog title somemore.


One thought on “Date night: Imagine Dragons in concert

  1. Hi! wanted to say HEY!!!! imagine dragons was awesome. and i think that family is us! our son is 6 and he’s a big imagine dragon fan. it was a fantastic concert and the little man sang his heart out to his 4 songs. silent reader of your blog as my second is a couple of months younger and shares the same name. love reading our blog, especially your eats posts! (i hope this doesn’t post 3 times cos i seem to have trouble commenting)

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