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miss ene eats: Butahage at Liang Court

I am a huge pork fan.I love my char siew rice, my bak chor mee, pork cutlet and anything with pork in it. When we were in Hokkaido, we had a bowl of super awesome bowl of butadon (grilled pork rice bowl).

We even brought home a bottle of sauce to try and recreate the experience at home.

Till today, I have no idea what is the name of the store because it did not have an English name. But I have 2 pictures from it!



This was way back in 2010 and the boy and I still fondly talk about ‘that bowl of grilled pork from Hokkaido’. There’s just something about eating a steaming hot bowl of food in cold weather because honestly, everything just tastes better. Plus the fact that you are HOLIDAY.

Imagine my excitement when I spotted this little restaurant on the second floor of Liang Court called Butahage.


They got me at “grilled pork“. My eyes glazed over. I had to try it. It looked just like that bowl of goodness I had in Hokkaido!

The boy ordered the standard bowl while I had the premium bowl with (supposedly) better cut of meat. My premium bowl costs a whopping $22+ (I think – can’t remember now) while the standard bowl is about $13+. Gotta check out the pricing again to blog properly. Oops.


As it turns out, the premium cut of meat is more ‘fatty’ so it was softer on the bite. The boy ate from his bowl and told me matter-of-factly that “You won’t like it. This one very lean and quite hard to chew“. Hehe, my husband knows me very well.

This is my premium bowl of grilled pork goodness.


We also ordered a side of Hokkaido Crab Cream Croqutte which came recommended by the uncle server. It was creamy and pretty yummy but it’s something you’d have to share because I think it’d be a bit much (jelak) to eat it all on your own. But that’s just me.

It had a charcoal barbecue taste which was nice but I just found eating pork slices and rice really erm, porky after a while. It’s like a bit too much pork/meat.

Ok, sorry, that’s not saying a lot. Would I go back? Maybe. I did feel like I needed to go stuff my face with salad after the meal though because there was just so. much. meat. Burp. A once in a blue moon kinda meal but worth checking out if you haven’t been.

Liang Court #02-32/33
177 River Valley Road

Opening hours: 11.30am to 10.00 pm daily (the website says that “they may close 3-6pm without any notification” so best to go around lunch or dinner time).


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