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Masak masak at the National Museum of Singapore

On the day after National Day, we decided to check out Masak Masak at the National Museum. It was the last day of the exhibition and even though I read on social media that it was pretty boring and meant for younger kids, I thought that perhaps Elliott would like it since he’s quite young.

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I love this picture because if you look carefuly, check out my son’s face:


I know the sun was in his face but his expression cracks me up. Hur hur.


Elliott was fascinated with this colourful fixture above us when we first entered the museum so we took a family wefie.

It was pretty crowded but not unbearable. His favourite area were the flowers where he repeatedly went “frowers“. There were also these giant “erasers” with country flags printed on them. I made him pose with the Singapore flag version. Hehe.


We headed upstairs to the “main” area and phwah, it was packed with screaming kids and weary parents. Most of the stations were crowded with older kids so we tinkered around for a bit at the giant wall jigsaw puzzle bit before beating a hasty retreat.

Ok, I have a confession here and wonder if other parents/mothers feel the same way. Am I the only one who feels a little nervous when there are loads of kids around and everyone’s touching stuff, i.e. the displays, etc? All I’m thinking is: GERMS! GERMS! OH NO! I HOPE E DOESN’T FALL SICK AFTER THIS VISIT!

I wasn’t always like that and I am not a germaphobe. At least I wasn’t until Elliott came along! It’s just that he tend to fall ill almost immediately after contact with other children and it makes me, to quote a local term, very sian.

Anyway, we barely spent half hour at Masak Masak. As it turns out, all the online reviews that I read about it were true, i.e. that it was boring and uninspiring.

We walked over to the National Library where there was a “Past Forward” exhibition held at the foyer. This exhibition has 3 parts to it:

  • The Little Red Brick
  • 3D Printing Singapura Stories
  • The Singapore March (don’t remember much of this!)

Seeing some of the exhibits made me reminisce about my childhood, like this display:




I took very few pictures because I had a child that kept running away in the opposite direction (open space! woohoo! wheeee!) so we had a hard time trying to enjoy the exhibits and keep an eye on him at the same time.


You can’t tell from the picture above but the boy and I were snapping a million pictures and telling to STAY STILL so that I can get ONE decent photo. This is the most decent one we got before he scooted off (yet) again.




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