note to elliott

Note to Elliott – 17

Dear Elliott,

Ah. 17 months. I thought I just wrote a note to you on the occasion of you turning 16 months and suddenly, it is time for another note. Work has been pretty crazy which explains why this note is a little late.


You are a curious child. So very curious. You need to touch and feel everything within your reach, and those that are not, you will try all ways and means to get to them. This means scaling the dining table bench and balancing yourself over the sofa arm. Nothing, and I mean, nothing gets in your way.

Your repertoire of words is increasing day by day. I notice that you mimic what we say and it is a timely reminder to WATCH WHAT WE SAY IN FRONT OF YOU. Just the other day, we were walking Moon by the poolside and you pointed skywards and exclaimed “mo“. I said gently: “Moon is here, sweetie, she’s beside us.” You continued to point and say “mo“. Suddenly, I realised that you were pointing to the actual moon in the sky. Silly mummy.


You also love to say “sar” (star”) and if it a star-less night, you go “sar, ma-mo” (star, no more) which is, I guess, toddler-speak for ‘there are no stars”. Other favourites include “cout” (cloud) and “fag” (flag) which I pointed out when we drove past rows and rows of the Singapore flag put up for our SG50 celebrations.

I also taught you how to say “armpit” when I was bathing you and hearing you say “ar-pet” repeatedly tickled us so. Other body parts that you know: Foot (“fu“), toe and nose (which you show and tell by sticking both your index fingers up your nose. Very classy, my child). You cannot say it yet but can point to your eyes, mouth and ears when we ask.

Oh and this new ability to speak also means that you can now command us to do your bidding. You frequently go “take!” and “there!” to get us to fetch your (favourite) Koko the train. Your Ah Ma also taught you the magic word “开“ (to open, in Mandarin) and you have been using it ALL. THE. TIME. I have a video clip of you saying 开! loudly and repeatedly because you wanted us to open a pack of chocolates. Not that you can have them, sweetie.


Speaking of trains, you are obsessed with them. You wake in the mornings and immediately head to your room to grab Koko and play with it on the track. You also love your “tuck” (trucks) and would push them all over the living room, along the sofa, on the TV console, anywhere, really. It’s amazing that you naturally gravitate towards all things with wheels. We cannot walk past a kiddy ride without you stretching out horizontal and wanting to go on it. Pfffft.


Your 17th month also saw you experience your first taste of durian. Daddy tried to give you some but you kept refusing until you bravely decided to take a tiny bit from his finger. The face you gave after trying it was TOO FUNNY. I am secretly pleased that you, my child, has acquired my disdain for durian too. Hur hur. I think Daddy is secretly disappointed that he couldn’t recruit a new member on Team Durian. Currently, it’s just him and Moon.

You have also decided that throwing things is the way to go. You finish your milk, THROW. Had enough of water? THROW. Tired of your Duplo brick? THROW. Yes, my child. We get it. You are experimenting with the ways of the world and seeing things fall to the ground is all fun and games for you but it is not very good behaviour. We are slowly teaching you that it is not right to throw and hopefully, this is just a phase.


You always loved playing peekaboo but these days, you actually know how to play the game too. You cover your eyes with your palms and when I go: “Ooh, where’s Bubu?” You will slowly uncover one twinkling eye before collapsing into fits of laughter. Oh my child. You have no idea how much I’d miss this little game of ours when you are older and peekaboo with Mummy is no longer cool.

Before bedtime, you also love pulling the duvet over yourself to “hide”. It’s really cute to watch because erm, we can see your legs sticking out. You get ridiculously excited whenever one of us go: OH NO! WHERE’S BUBU? WE’VE LOST BUBU! WHERE ARE YOU BUBU? Usually, you’d be giggling uncontrollably before we actually “find” you which truly, is the most endearing thing. We play it over and over and over again even though we really should be winding down and putting you to bed. Hur hur.

You have also learnt that “gai gai” (courtesy of Ah Gong and Ah Ma) means putting on shoes and going out. You grab your “soo” (shoes) and try to put them on by sticking your foot in clumsily. I’ve been trying to teach you how to put them on and I am sure soon enough, you’d be doing it on your own. Sometimes, we let you pick which shoes to wear. You like your “bear” shoes and would almost always say “bear!” whenever you put it on. So so cute.


Ok, we cannot write a note without talking about your eating habits. Your mother here is a big fat failure when it comes to cooking for you because honestly, you don’t like eating very much! One day, you can finish an entire pot of porridge that I make for you (and I do a jiggly dance complete with cartwheels in my head) and the next day, when I cook the exact same dish, you take 4 mouthfuls and decide that you’ve had enough. My dear child, the amount of food I have thrown away since you were born is enough to feed a small country of starving children. SIGH.

You do, however, LOVE (make that LOVE LOVE LOVE) Aunty’s Yann’s Anyhow Roast Chicken. Yes, that’s the real name. It is TRULY EASY and I have made this dish so many times, Daddy makes a face (sometimes) when I offer to make it (again, for the nth time) because I think he is a bit bored of it. Hehe. I have a video of you wolfing down bits of chicken and roast potato (you don’t like the carrots) which is such a JOY to watch. Ahhhh..


When it comes to food that we are eating, you exclaim (very loudly): Mum mum! and we have to give you a nibble of whatever we are having. If you like it, you’d clamour for more and if we ignore you, you shout “mum mum!” loudly and repeatedly until we give in. So yes, I have learnt to just take it easy when it comes to eating. You’d eat what you want, when you want to. There is no point in force-feeding, really.

Last month, I wrote about you falling sick. This month, you fell sick again after a jaunt at the indoor (free) playground at Marina Square. Sigh. I know that falling sick is part and parcel of growing up but really, it pains my heart whenever you are under the weather. In fact, what I thought was a common cold turned into bronchiolitis. I am bracing myself for the onslaught of illnesses when you start playgroup next year. Gulp.

You also love bubbles (“bar-bur“). We take you to a wide open field near our home so that Moon can run around and we can blow bubbles against the wind. You love looking at bubbles and would always have a huge silly grin plastered on your face. Sometimes, you attempt to chase after them but of course, they float away too quickly in the wind. Your childlike innocence in seeing beauty in something so fleeting is truly magical.


Happy 17 months, Mr Bubu Pants. And keep chasing ’em bubbles!

Love you lots,
Mummy xoxo


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