miss ene checks out: Hamleys Singapore

We decided to check out Hamleys at Plaza Singapura two weekends ago because I thought that Elliott will enjoy being at a toy store. With the numerous road closures due to the SG50 celebrations, we decided to do a “park-and-ride”, i.e. driving to the nearest MRT station, then taking the train to Dhoby Ghaut station.


Hamleys Singapore is tucked at a small corner near one of the MRT exits so if you are accessing it from Plaza Singapura like we did, you’d have to walk to the new wing. Fortunately, there were signs pointing to the store so it was pretty easy to locate.


I spotted these wooden toys carrying the Hamleys branding on the first floor of the store. I love wooden toys and prefer them over the plastic ones but I had to resist from buying yet more toys for my child 😛


There were also loads of stuffed toys and as you can clearly tell from the above picture, the son would have none of it.

There’s an escalator within the store to bring you to the second level. As we have since learnt, wefies do not amuse the little man.


The second floor was more interesting for the little man. He was captivated by this swimming frog and spent quite a while just staring at it.

There’s a giant red London bus in the store and I tried to take a picture of E in front of it and again, he would have none of it. Pfffft, toddlers.


I took this picture and sent it to my girlfriends who have daughters and warned them to stay far far away if they do not want to end up buying make-up. Hur hur.


We left the store without spending a dime (!) because honestly, 80% of the stuff you find at Hamleys, you can find at any other toy store like Toys R Us or departmental store. Also, it was pretty underwhelming due to its size.

If you have been to the Hamleys in London, this will disappoint you so please tweak your expectations, ok? Still, we had a fun outing because who doesn’t like a visit to a toy store?


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